365 days practicing The Law of Attraction – day 1 (364 left)

Hi, I am thrilled to start my 365 days journey of practicing the Law of Attraction. Today was my first official day and it went really great. I started as soon as I woke up at 6 a.m. and decided to stay a couple more minutes in my bed to start appreciating it, the time I can take for myself and to start imagine what the day would be like. Of course it was not all that smooth, but I was getting there. Since the time I was driving to job on the crowded bus I felt I was all together cooked, literally. It was really hot on the bus and I was wearing very warm jacket and saying to myself, wait a bit and it will get better,…I undressed the jacket but still too hot. Standing with my LOA youtube positive affirmation clip headphones in my ears, trying to feel better and better. I tried to stay above the surface, I admit it was quite a challenge but I have passed it successfully (even If I did not…who cares, I decided to go easy with myself).

Next treasure I’ve found was affirmation of Louise Hay. It really made my day, sitting during lunch time on the sofa, eating my warm organic leek soup and letting my body reset and just float in harmony.

Mayor outcomes of the day were:

  1. Co-workers said several times that they appreciate what I’ve done, that I was ahead of their thoughts
  2. I was able to adored beautiful weather which was sunny and stunning cold but still wonderful
  3. On my wish I manifested my presence on one presentation-meeting that interested me despite boss intention for me not being present (it was great to feel universe backing me up),
  4. I had a great time with my partner, we laughed a lot and had a nice dinner in a restaurant
  5. I had time to chill when I came home, peace and serenity…great

Oh, not to forget, I was conscious of all my thoughts and feeling all day (as been thought by LOA: negative feelings are indicator that I am not in harmony with my source, I do not think the same as my source thinks).


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