day 2 (363 left)

Good evening. Today’s day was really relaxing. It started nicely; I slept without alarm clock and woke up around 10 a.m. I started morning with Abraham Hick’s Morning rampage. I started to set my focus, thoughts and vibrations towards a great day. I did some laundry, made breakfast and had my first challenge hot to stay in the Vortex. I felt fear for my stuff and for people not taking care for it, I realized it was just my mirror projection and started getting very general about it and then more specific. Then my second challenge came, I saw a relative who was not in a Vortex (alignment with the source energy), and I felt anger since they wanted my attention. Well, I realized what was happening and I stepped in other perspective, I saw this was not my responsibility and that I can stay happy and blissful.

After breakfast I went out to the Market, while waiting the bus I started smelling cigarette smoke, I said to myself to be nice to myself, to stay in alignment or no trouble if I will not, I was getting slowly to my inner peace, thanks goes to cat-chasing-mouse-365daylawofattractionSun and a cat who was playing James Bond while spying for a mouse. He made yoga positions which really made me laugh, at that moment one of men smoking started to caught (perhaps he also felt he needed to stop smoking). Well, it was fun, I went to the City centre and I had a nice time although it was freezing. Going back home and waiting at the bus station I saw one of wealthiest men. He was also waiting for the bus. I thought to myself, hm, wow, he has so much money and is waiting for the bus. He does not have a private driver or does not call a taxi. Well, fine with me. At that moment the idea came, what if I would talk to him about money. I decided I won’t but the idea was alive in my head all day. I realized I would like to do a research about attitude against money and it made me even more excited. Then the fear came. Hm, I do not think the same as my inner being thinks I thought. I started slowly and very general and I came to a point where I felt good about it. Now I have an idea, a plan and I am eager to do it. I will do little adjustment of alignment for it in the future but so far so good.

During the day I felt eager to post on blog, thinking what to write, how to write, I was really so excited. And then I realised that it would be best for me to be in the present moment since I was walking in the nature which I could observe and feel. I just relaxed and let it go. So there I was along the river, it was very pretty. I connected with the tree, sparrow-bird-animal-nature_356dayslawofattraction_loaI felt the energy and it was so calming. One lady was walking her horse; he was in state of peace and enjoyment. I was observing cute little sparrows with fluffy round shape each on its own branch enjoying. Then I saw a cute little dog playing with the ball, it was so funny to laugh. Later on I saw one lady walking a horse that was limping and a dog and she was really not in a state of peace towards her animals. Ufff, I said to myself, stay in alignment, in a state of love, that is hers’ not mine. I did manage to stay on my flying disc.

In the evening I listened to Louise Hay positive affirmations and I let go all resentment towards my family and all I felt I had resentment at the time because of pain they have caused me. I felt nice relief and love.


  1. All people were kind to me
  2. The elevator was waiting for me when I went out and when I came back
  3. I got exact pieces of halloumi cheese that I wished for
  4. I got all vegetables that I wished for
  5. My partner was very nice to me, expressing loving words
  6. Cat was helping me stay in alignment
  7. I got an idea – wealthy people and money
  8. I had a lot of peace, revelations, harmony
  9. I had fun while singing
  10. It was easier to be in alignment

I learned wise thoughts from Louise Hay; we have kind, unkind and neutral thoughts. More kind and loving thoughts we have more kindness and love we attract in our lives. I only give out that which I wish to receive in return. My love and acceptance of others is mirrored to me in every moment. I totally release all criticism. I say “Out” to negative thoughts.

I also listened one Abraham Hicks ~ Avoid These Foods To Avoid Negative Momentum video which I  found very helpful in releasing negative thought patterns regarding food that I would like to share with you.

Have a great night and stay in bliss.


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