day 3 (362 left)

Hi, I am thrilled; it is my third day of consciously practicing The Law Of Attraction. I remembered to post a song that made my day yesterday, it was I believe I could fly from R. Kelly and today’s song is Home we’ll go from Steve Aoki & Walk Off The Earth, fabulous really, as I think how eternal we are, never ending, infinite, wow…we are home everywhere we go because we are habitants of the Universe really.

My day was full of conscious decisions, thoughts and states of allowing. It was a nice day. Luckily I was at home all day except the walk along the river, no job, no studies, nothing, just me and me and some research work. While I found out (second day), that I need a little time in the morning to set my positive vibration since I am full of experience from my dreams, I let it go that way and not to bother too much with it. After that all focus of my thoughts comes and I feel in total control of feeling and because of yesterdays’ new knowledge, I was saying to unpleasant thoughts “Out”, and I did some general alignment with them also. It was really funny to see how people around me behave. How my close relative was very quiet, leaving me in my peace state, how I was offered dried plums that I have actually wished in my mind, how I saw so many nice signs of the Universe mirroring my positive thought pattern. I was also very happy to hear my partner being very happy and satisfied with its day. Oh yes, one of the things I forgot to mention is that I did a focus appreciation, gratitude and positive aspects exercise for a specific person yesterday and I could see outcome already today, very  reassuring of The Universe. And one more thing, I immediately saw when I was not connected to my Vortex, one negative thought and my cell phone felt from my pocket to the ground.

To give you some drops of my manifestations:

  1. When I stepped out of my home there were rose-red-365daylawofattraction_loaleafs of red roses lying on the floor – beautiful
  2. I was thinking to ask my partner what was she doing, but instead I got a message (while not being connected to the internet) from her by Viber (which actually only works when you are connected to the internet and I was NOT at that time) with exact words I wanted to ask, saying what she is doing and asking me how I was doing. I just smiled, I knew it was The Universe at it’s best working miracles for me
  3. Then I saw a brand new nice car, hm, very nice. I was thinking and listening to money, wealth and prosperity manifestations, so that was one of the outcomes of my alignment (my play list: 200 ★POWERFUL★ Abundance Affirmations, You can actually SPEAK money into your life, try it!…)
  4. And when I came back to the parking, I saw my dream car; it was the same brand but smaller version. It was first time I saw the car on our paring. It just came there, was pointing towards me, still light on, white as I wish it for myself … again one of proofs I know.
  5. Following my walk path I saw beautiful ravens playing in the air and nice blackbirds in fluff pose
  6. I found hazel tree and there were the only five hazelnuts jointed together, I shook the tree and they were mine (I have to say that we are in the middle of winter and it is not likely to find hazelnuts anywhere)
  7. In the bush I saw one very big egg, that was quite strange and interesting, because it must have been a chicken that laid it
  8. I saw ducks playing in icy cold river, catching and enjoying fast moving currents, they were playing as being on the water slide, it was cute and funny too
  9. And I even had a chance to touch some fresh snow that was hiding in between wooden polls of the fence (today was the first day that was snowing for an hour, I could say that the snowflakes were so tiny you could hardly saw them, and I was lucky to find the preserved blanket of snow – well, manifested to be precise because there is no luck factor in conscious practice of The Law Of Attraction)

Today I also meditated on Financial Well Being Meditation by AbrahamHicks, besides two other affirmation clips I pointed out in point 3, this one is also very powerful and meditative to release all body muscle tension and thoughts. Before bed time there is one more positive clip for me from Louise Hay (not new, I am practicing it every day since I have started my blog journey).

My powerful learning of today is: be happy for others’ people success.

Have a great night sleep, I know I will.




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