day 4 (361 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi there, I am a bit tired since it was a long day for me. I went to bed at 11 pm yesterday, listened Louise Hay Positive affirmations, and then I could not fall asleep. I saw light turned on in other rooms, I was turning in my bed and felt hunger. I thought it would pass but it didn’t. I had to eat a piece of my home baked bread, and then I felt asleep around half past midnight. I set alarm clock later so I could get some more sleep. I was deep in my dreams when I smelt a smoke of cigarettes. It woke me up and it was half past 5 am, wou, challenge…how to stay tuned and on a high flying disk. Well I started very general, but I felt very different than the day before, there was no resistance when I woke up, I found out that I am in alignment and it felt really good. I have set Abraham hicks physical well being meditation on and stayed in my bed to enjoy the time I had before going to job. I felt a lot of energy. Then I started creating my day, mainly how I wanted to feel and what I wanted to experience.

Then manifestations started:

  1. Immediate bus connections to job
  2. My favourite car brand companioning me all along my way (huge billboard of yesterdays’ car)
  3. Funny events at my job: co-worker said withlawofattraction365days_coffee_drops_loasomething and leaned over me – it scared me and we started laughing, then she bumped her head against the ceiling, we laughed even more, then the coffee machine made a huge sprinkling of coffee drops against the ceiling and her sweater, we laughed even more… it was really funny
  4. I saw number synchronicity 9:19 9th Jan and many more on care plates: 888, 333, 444 …
  5. Co-worker moved out of the office to the toilet to sneeze there (that is manifestation of; “Healthy co-workers are surrounding me, I am healthy and all is well.”)
  6. I mentioned on Saturday my quest to make interviews with people regarding attitude against money, well a wealthy person that I had in mind since that day was showing me viral or by other people mentioning the name, then today some other person called on my phone who got referral from that exact company “that my in mind person” owned…I know I attract what I believe and I believe this would be really great to do
  7. I saw a white pigeon (I find white pigeons very beautiful, symbolizing the Spirit)
  8. Then I saw one very cute raven standing on the log
  9. I saw a huge birds’ nest on the branches of a tree
  10. My favourite seat on the bus
  11. Nice time and funny moments at Pilates class
  12. Nice. loving and calming time with my partner, dinner in a restaurant and restaurants’ surprise – free dessert
  13. Immediate bus
  14. Elevator waiting for me when I came home

During the day I listened:

And some really very funny stuff, listen to this:

Sleep for me now, have a great one and in the morning stay tuned…Good Night.


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