Day 5 (360 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi there, I’m having challenging feelings about the blog. Yes, need for going general.

I really appreciate I have my guidance system letting me know I am not letting things happen. I do not know how to let them happen, so what, I’ll figure it someday, there is nothing for me to be worried about and I know all is well.

That will do for now. OK, my day; I had my vibration quite connected and on the high-flying disc except late afternoon when I started losing focus, I found out what was the reason for it. It was my period, very on time connected with the Moon. Yes, very beautiful but I had my moment with it. After an evening walk to the River which was absolutely gorgeous I fond myself feeling cold in my legs. I took a shower and I thought that would do, but it didn’t. I had to put on tights, trousers, socks and wrap myself into two warm blankets and stayed in bed for three hours half asleep and half awake. Later on I remembered one event that happened a while ago of one woman on a bus station singing from all her heart as you would listen to Whitney Houston. People were looking at her surprisingly but I felt happiness and I saw beauty in her mighty voice and that moment sure made me laugh. As I look back I find it very funny. Now the pain and cold is gone and I feel great, prepared to meditate and relax to deep sleep. And yes, about that, I found out that when I listen to guided meditation before my bedtime I get very focused in my mind to the place when i do not feel sleepy anymore and then I have to consciously let go my brain wander to sleep realms. It is an interesting experience and very new to me.

Lets go to my daily manifestations:

  1. Good night sleep waking up on “high-flying disc”
  2. Immediate Bus connection with my favourite chair
  3. I’ve met very dear person from the same soul family
  4. Funny lectures of classmates
  5. I left lectures earlier actually too early, I felt I needed to go to meet with my partner one hour too soon as we agreed, I was already on the street when I felt something was not ok, I looked in my diary and it made laugh. It was “Your wish is my command” from the Universe. I wished for many funny moments which would make me laugh and that was one of them.
  6. I saw a cute tit singing beautifully
  7. I felt the energy of a nice treetangerines-clementines-fruit-fruits-365daylawofattraction_loa
  8. I had a wish to eat something sweet and healthy; my partner brought me six fruits similar to mandarins still having their fresh leafs on
  9. Met with partner and had short but peaceful and loving time
  10. Study material was printed and not handed to me because I knew I had too many things to carry but I did not say anything, I will take it some other day more convenient to me
  11. Some classes called off tomorrow and I can stay at home
  12. Number synchronicity 7777, 999, 444 …
  13. At my job I was directed to a website with luxurious travel, hm, I wonder why … funny (again connected with Saturdays’ task with wealthy person …)
  14. Finished job earlier and got
  15. Immediate bus connection with my favourite chair
  16. Bus waiting at a red traffic light and through my window I saw My favourite Car brand (car I am mentioning now for almost every day); I felt deep joy and inner peace
  17. Met a loving person on a Bus (Manifestation of: “I am loved and surrounded by people I love and they love me back.”)
  18. Sensed the elevator; to explain; I sensed that the elevator is about to leave and I overtook its action
  19. Magnificent view on the river by night illuminated by the light of the Moon; river was as smooth velvet or liquid silver
  20. Again one funny thing I did; I have set an appointment but for wrong day, I received polite feedback if we misunderstood each other, It made me laugh

One thing that was happening to me last two nights in a row were just before I felt I will fall asleep I found myself in front of the house of my ward; I took care for her three years ago, she has multiple sclerosis and I have not been in contact with them for more than a year now. The second night I found myself in their living room. It is an interesting experience which I do not know how to connect for now but I am sure I will when it will be time for me.

The other thing that happened on my way back from the walk was; I felt intrusive thoughts that gave me uncertainty. I started going general and they left for some seconds but came back very strong, I did it again and the response was the same. Then I just said “Universe I give this to you.” I still don’t know what the purpose of those thoughts was but I am sure it will be revealed to me at the best possible time for me.

I listened to:

Wow, 20 manifestations, and I am sure there are more, but it’s time to go to bed and for my last meditation/affirmation and sleep sweet sleep, release and ease.

Today I’ve learned to be consistent, believe and trust.

Good night!


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