Day 6 (359 left) Law Of Attraction

Good evening, almost ready for bed? I definitely am. Today’s day was half relaxing and other half also relaxing. I didn’t do much, except being mainly most of the time in alignment. Morning was relaxing, I woke up straight from my dreams, happy, in alignment. Then I listened to my usual Abraham Hicks- A Morning Rampage to set your Day for MAGIC! and The Day started. I was grateful for my free time, just doing nothing, listening to all sort of affirmations and meditations. I found Louise Hay – 50 mins of positive affirmations to change your attitude and listened to it, I actually placed a mirror in front of my face and repeated after Louise. I found it very powerful and helpful. Then I did my usual Louise Hay – affirmations and power thoughts affirmations. I still felt some trouble concentrating at some point since my period but i managed it. One of my before noon meditations was also You can actually SPEAK money into your life, try it!…(Law Of Attraction).

While being at the lecture researching for my “wealthy people project” I’ve mentioned you earlier I found one extremely positive site for money beliefs from Stefan James called My Money Blueprint – The exact Money beliefs and mindset that has made me rich. Of course I wanted to listen to the video on web page, he he, I found my time very well spent. Great to conscious and deliberate set your mind for allowing richer life.

Today was my first day of Yoga, I found out that system of beliefs they are teaching is the same as I am working on right now, so I’ll just skip yoga for now, but I am planning to implement it in the future. For now Pilates will do.

Two days ago I got a link for new job application, I am still looking at it whether I should apply or not. I will give myself another day since I still have time until Friday.

Here are my daily manifestations:

  1. Immediate Bus, with different chair that had heating – just the perfect one for me
  2. Numbers synchronicity 555
  3. Very friendly staff everywhere (library, lectures, Yoga, bus …)
  4. I’ve met a loving friend at the library
  5. Classmate is talking with be about The Law of Attractionsunset_withlawofattraction365days_loa and Saint Germain
  6. Smooth conversation in relationship
  7. Immediate bus connection with favourite chair
  8. Beautiful sunset (pink sky with little sheep clouds)
  9. Hm, not to forget, of course I have seen my favourite Car, today larger version, closer to my dream car, it looked fabulous and all shiny

I found out that more I am studying and preparing myself and less I go out, less manifestations happen.

Second thing I found out was; when I do not know exactly what I want or am divided in my belief, the outcome is not in my favour. This happened with one delivery today.

What I’ve learned from Louise Hay:

  • I am safe in the Universe and all life loves and supports me.
  • Freedom is divine right.
  • Out of this situation only good will come, this is easily resolved to the highest good of all concerned. All is well and I am safe.

That will be all for today. If I forgot something … I do not really care.

Have a great night sleep and lots of conscious thinking in the morning to set your day as beautiful as it can be.


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