Day 7 (358 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi,”I don’t care what other people think.” That was today’s mantra and morning songs The Lion King – Hakuna Matata and Céline Dion – I’m Alive . I am happy to see I’ve been consciously practicing The Law Of Attraction for a week now. Many things have happened in that time, lot’s of self growth, letting go of useless beliefs … and still 358 days left. I am feeling that I would like to speed up the process of writing, because I find myself writing every night for more than an hour. It’s funny, i like to do it, but then it gets too late and if I don’t go to bed early enough the night is too short for me. I will adjust my signal and set of mind and I am sure it will be faster all next following days.

In the morning I heard on the Bus Amy’s song Rehab and discovered judgmental beliefs towards her father, I consciously let it go, and let all judgements towards me and others go. I let go also guilt and criticizing.withlawofattraction365days_focus_loa

What happened to me when I thought negative thoughts – when I drank water it went into trachea instead of gullet. Awch!

There, the day was full of nice manifestations, let me just start with them:

  1. I’ve noticed golden ornaments on the house (wealth)
  2. Immediate bus connections
  3. I’ve seen luxury car with BBB… car plate
  4. I’ve met loving person who invited me for a drink when I’ll have time (old friend)
  5. Synchronicity: 333, 888, 222, 777, 333, 222,
  6. Morning peaceful walk through the city centre, workers were removing Christmas ornaments – lights decoration
  7. I’ve touched fragrant lavender
  8. Beautiful experience of therapy while me being therapist
  9. The flock of sparrows have passed my head
  10. My favourite car brand: on many billboards, in live: older version of exact type of the car I wish to have, white smaller new version of the car has passed me three times (the one from billboards)
  11. There was no bus – but I knew everything was happening for a reason. I felt positive enthusiasm and thrill by seeing a shiny brand new jeep. Then one bus came with the sign: I can hardly wait. Funny!
  12. I found great article about money beliefs
  13. One boy on the bus was also connected and listening to the music out loud
  14. When I came at my work my co-worker was crying out of joy and laughing, it was very peaceful and calming day
  15. Co-workers had funny talks about babies
  16. Co worker gave me funny vintage chewing gum from my youth with tattoo inside
  17. I wanted to go alone on the bus and the outcome was that I did
  18. Elevator was waiting for me
  19. I was not holding to handle while walking towards exit doors on the Bus so when the Bus turned I had to hug a woman from the back otherwise I would fall. I was laughing for a while
  20. Nice and funny singing lesson
  21. I went on one bus, but there was no sign or number on it. So I was wondering what the number of the bus was so I would know where it will turn. At that moment someone else has asked a driver the same question I had in my mind where the bus is going. Voilà!
  22. I saw many jackets I want to have.
  23. Staying in the flow while talking to partner regarding some challenging topics
  24. And yes, my writing was faster even though more things happened 🙂

I found out that when I go out and when I am in the flow (connected) MANY nice manifestations happen.

Important question, what makes me feel good? I was discovering my dimension of the question and Hei, what makes you feel good? Think about … then focus your full attention to it even though it has not manifested jet. If you will never give it your attention it can never become reality.

Today is not dependant of conditions that have already manifested but from my vibration and conscious thinking of NOW.

Bless rich people if you once want to become one of them.

Today’s playlist:


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