Day 8 (357 left) Law Of Attraction

How time flies, sometimes I wish that day would have more hours, or if I think more precisely I just wish to have it more balanced. My work is getting my thoughts on what I want to have in my life, that’s what I found out has to be exact. Any double and mixed thought about one thing will make it harder to manifest.

One really crazy, nice, awesome thing happened to me yesterday before sleep when I was listening to my Physical well-being meditation (My iPod was showing me I’m listening to Relationship well being, but it was not). When I started to relax and breathe more in tune with my soul I started feeling the energy around my neck, back, lower back and hips. It was healing energy. I felt relief.

Today was a nice day, I did experience contrast as it was supposed to be. And I found out I had anger towards not having a car (I had to carry heavy bags of food from the Market on the Bus). That was clear sign to me that I am not allowing my manifestation to happen. Therefore I excepted situation, blessed all people who have cars and was really grateful for a great revelation. My morning song was from Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey – When You Believe and it really is about believing. I found out that there is a clear stand point in my head when I focus and set my desire on what I want to see manifested. I reach it with ease especially when I am feeling fresh and relaxed.

Another thing I found out was, that more people would like to chat with me, asking me what I do, what I like … and I found out one great story of what happens when you are aligned with the Universe. I was actually impressed that a person that has such a great experience sits with me in the same room. That is a clear sign to me for being open and receptive.

Today’s manifestations:

  1. It was raining and I had a wish not to be splashed with water by other cars while waiting for the Bus. Then one car came and has stopped just in front of the bus lane so no car could pass by. I knew it was The Universe doing its job and smiled.
  2. Synchronicity: 333, 333,
  3. I got my favourite chair on the bus
  4. Had a nice morning talk with partner
  5. I’ve seen my favourite car on billboards and in live, really amazing car, I’ve seen brand new one, just the one I wish to have. It was parked on the sidewalk with the lights turned on. Beautiful. And I’ve seen another one very early in the morning, it was penultimate model but still beautiful.
  6. Immediate bus connection with favourite chair
  7. I’ll receive extra pay in my job (13th salary). Very nice. withlawofattraction365days_snow_flakes_loaThanks.
  8. I’ve seen a cute blackbird
  9. I felt I needed to refill my water bottle, so I went to bathroom and saw a nice pigeon on the roof of next-door house waiting for me, then he flew away.
  10. And yes, first day of snow. Pretty. Snowflakes were dancing in the sky.
  11. Bus was stuck on the road because of the snow. I started laughing and concentrated my mind how I see the bus driving and indeed it started to set it back in motion.
  12. I’ve found for professional and trust worthy agency for making future business
  13. I’ve got interesting and encouraging information about a cottage in hills with beautiful lakes (huge place, for 500 people and very diverse option of food). I am planning to go there this year.

My daily “positive brainwash” with Law of Attraction and shifting beliefs videos:

I have noticed that each day is a blessing. And that we have in our hands each and every moment to realise and recognise our emotions, thoughts and consciously change them to our positive outcome. We are masters of our thoughts. You can accept that when you say goodbye to victim standpoint.

The other thing I was thinking is about starting to write order forms to the Universe. I found it sound fun.

I’ve also learned:

  • We are freer than we think and others happiness is not dependant on us.
  • Letting go of material jealousy helps to be connected. I wish everyone to have as much (money, abundance, health…) as they please to have.
  • Your inner being will never guide you towards the most effort ways.
  • Take the easiest option.
  • To say myself: “I believe I am in the receiving mode and I am listening.” To set conscious vibration out.
  • I wish to do more on relationship based manifestations and I will.

And off to bed. Have a great night!



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