Day 9 (356 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi there! Today’s day was interesting. I experienced two major contrasts one in the morning and one in the evening. They were both regarding relationship. I had a clear mind and was able to take a broader stand point and see that when I felt what I’ve felt that I was not in the Vortex (being connected to the source). I was able to set myself free from some beliefs and see the mirror that was pointed to me from other person. First was regarding control and fear. Second was regarding sadness, trust and privacy. I found my standpoint that which was clear and I feel very happy about that. It is a huge leap for me. Today was also first day I’ve listened to Abraham Hicks Relationship Gridwork. I’ve found it very refreshing, accepting and new. I will definitely practice it every day. It is short and to the point.

Today’s morning song was from Queen I Want To Break Free. Nice song which I’ve listened many times.

Manifestations of the Day:

  1. I’ve met nice neighbor with his dog in front of my home
  2. Immediate bus
  3. I’ve seen pigeons in the FIELD (when they flow together connected to the Universe)
  4. A flock of sparrows flew pass my head
  5. I’ve got my favourite vegetable on the Farmers’ Market
  6. Immediate bus connection with my favourite seat
  7. Beautiful day, I was admiring snow on tree branches and one new huge hotel complex which will soon be finished. What an accuracy
  8. I’ve seen my favourite car brand on billboards and one in live
  9. Again immediate bus with available chair
  10. Feeling really, really, really good, feeling love (I was on the Bus and I just felt it – feeling the Universe)
  11. I’ve seen one very old model of my favourite car brand, nice and funny at same time
  12. Delicious muffins
  13. Nice atmosphere
  14. Delicious pizza
  15. Immediate bus which was quite funny withlawofattraction365days_ravens_loa(ran across the road and the bus was waiting for us)
  16. Nice, beautiful, funny and amusing walk with my partner to the forest which was full of snow, birds and beauty
  17. We’ve seen the dance of more than hundreds ravens in the sky, very magnificent and beautiful
  18. And finally again immediate bus with available chairs

Today I’ve listened to:

I’ve learned again how important it is to set the mind and energy – vibration on what I want rather than on what I do not want. All today’s day was nice because of that. I definitely recommend it.

Good night!


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