Day 10 (355 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi, I am totally exited. Today was my first day that the blog was indexed by Yahoo and Bing servers. It is quite funny because I was feeling mixed emotions about exposing myself to the World. By exposing all what I was experiencing which is sometimes very intimate for me. I was feeling a bit of fear of disclosing myself. withlawofattraction365days_yahoo_loaI thought for quite some moments about Celebrity people, how they are being exposed and also their each and every step they do. What a high sense of ‘I do not care what you think’ they have to own. I actually admire their courage to speak out and not to hide their identity. Well, I am still not in a place of feeling that good with exposing me fully but I like the strength people have to make that step. I also allow the Universe to bring that strength into my life.

But hey, first step was done today, the site was indexed. And I feel extremely happy.

One really funny thing happened today. I was sleeping and dreaming something very funny. Then I started laughing in my dreams and then I started laughing in real. I woke myself up and my partner. It was 5:38 a.m. We did fall asleep after that.

It was a beautiful morning and we have listened to Abraham Hicks’s morning rampage listed below. Then I faced several relationship challenges. First I felt anger so I had to switch myself off and put Louise Hay affirmations headphones on. It was amazing how the Law works, also a cat was helping me get back into the Vortex with her playful behaviour which is actually really funny to watch.

Second was a feeling of discomfort regarding money. I remembered that my inner source does not think the same as I did and does not feel the same as I did. This vibration was clearly letting me know that I am away from what I want therefore I have immediately set myself back into receptive, loving mode. ‘Being grateful for the contrast to explore what I want and don’t want.’ I was back on my high flying disc.

Third was a contrast in contradiction of cooking. I again felt the urge to step out immediately since I was not in a good feeling place anymore. And I did. I am grateful for the moment, for knowing what I want and what I do not want. Peace and love. All is good and the Universe loves me.

Fort was feeling frustration because I went on the bus carrying many bags and bus connections were rear instead by car. I found a peace in that variety by going very general. I have blessed all people who have what I wish to have. There, again my lovely car came by (older version). It went one way and then it had turned and went back on the opposite lane. I again felt the Universe working with me, supporting me, knowing me, all what I wish, peace and love was in my heart.

Other thing was that I’ve found out that the page of Stefan James has several good tips how to handle the money. I do have at home two books of Robert T. Kiyosaki which I will start reading in the future. Of course I will let you know so you can follow. I realized that answers to my questions are coming very fast. On this site is one of them – Investing For Beginners | Advice On How To Get Started. My goal is to be rich, to be abundant, to be prosperous, to own online Millionaire business and help people to be in positive and healthy flow of life (their Vortex) and I am looking for ways to make it happen. And of course the Universe will bring all what I have wished for eventually. I often see it in my mind and feel it in my body. It is exciting. Trust is with me.


  1. A flock of beautiful pigeons was flying in ‘the Field’ synchronised, playful, easy, it looked like they were dancing
  2. Very nice, calming, loving, playful and peaceful moments with my partner
  3. Delicious food (vegetable-cheese moussaka, spinach waffle …)
  4. Dance of ravens in the Sky
  5. Feeling good by remembering how fulfilled withlawofattraction365days_snow_trees_loaI felt when taking photos of the nature. This occurred when I saw beautiful trees covered with shiny snowflakes and frozen water drops. I have set myself in future movie of having brand new DSLR photo camera and taking photos of all details I can think of. Amazing.
  6. There was sun in the midst of foggy day and fields full of snow were shining with gorgeous blue sky above
  7. Pigeons were again dancing in the sky. Nice performance
  8. First bus came immediately and I’ve also got my favourite seat. Second came 18 minutes later. I now know why. I couldn’t see my favourite brand of the car driving along the road if the Bus came earlier.
  9. I’ve seen my favourite car brand two times. This time it was older model and black. Mywithlawofattraction365days_microphone_loa wish is SHINY NEW and WHITE. I was basking in the feeling of having that brand new car.
  10. Nice time practicing singing, positive energy present. I’ve felt my new place for practicing singing with microphone and amplifier, can’t wait!

Today’s play list:

Wisdom I’ve learned and practiced today was:

  • I have acknowledged that the resentment which was in me was mirrored in others people behaviour and then projected back to me. I consciously let all resentment go and replaced it with acceptance of diversity, uniqueness, peace and love. All is well; the Universe loves and supports me. I love myself as I am and other people as they are and they love me. I am grateful for this acknowledgement.
  • I am genuinely grateful for each contrast and knowing what to do in the moment to get back in to the Vortex (to get aligned). Thank you.

Good night and have some funny dreams!


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