Day 11 (354 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi there! What a day, mixed with the contrast. There is quite mirroring to be done, especially at work. The day started relaxing. I listened to Abraham Hicks Morning Rampage while being on the bus 2.5 times.

Manifestations as followed:

  1. Beautiful singing of birds.withlawofattraction365days_snowflakes_loa
  2. When I went out for a short walk to energize myself with beauty of nature the Sun was shining again, wind was blowing and there were still snowflakes on branches of trees. Really nice! It again remembered me of taking photos, oh what a great vibe.
  3. While working, I was listening to Louise Hay affirmations and I thought to myself that the volume is a little too loud. I didn’t do anything to lower it and kept listening to it. Then suddenly the volume of the video lowered its volume. I was amazed!!! Miracle! Or better said allowing the Universe to reveal itself! And even better – Being In Alignment!
  4. Sun shined in the office. Very nice!
  5. I could observe snowflakes gently falling on my window in the office which is above my head. Beautiful! It started snowing three times.
  6. Synchronicity: 333, 333, 333, 999, 444, 222, 555, 555 (on car plates), 22:22
  7. I set my wish to be early at my work place. First I wished to be there at 8 a.m. but since I was late I said myself to be there no less than at 8.15 a.m. What wonders does focused intention do. The bus driver did not take any new passengers on the bus, explaining them that there was another bus right after his. We were really very fast. Magnificent!
  8. I was able to observe beautiful scenery and morning Moon looking through misty sky
  9. Immediate bus connection. It was crowded but I had a space to put my stuff on (I had things for Pilates with me and of course homemade warm, health, organic lunch and snacks for work. All prepared with care, love and attention.)
  10. I got clear insight into why I am working at my current job. I know I am letting all resistance go to be ready for my next step in life, because my mantra is: “I Love what I do and I do what I love. I love people who I work with and they love me. I earn good Money. I work in a beautiful location and I make value for people. I have plenty of time. I feel nice, relaxed and joyful.”

  11. Immediate bus connection with my favourite chair
  12. You can be thinking, hey, where is your favourite brand of a car? YES, here. I have seen the most beautiful model in front of a Hotel in the City centre, one near sport park and of course many on billboards.  Woau!
  13. I’ve had a nice dinner in a restaurant with my partner. Lots of loving moments.
  14. We have again received free dessert.
  15. Immediate bus connections for both of us.
  16. I’ve received great tips for next play lists

My daily playlist:

What I’ve internalised today:

  • I am worth and I deserve.
  •  I let all mistrust go and replace it with “I trust myself and others, others trust me.”

Off to bed, nice sleep to you too.


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