Day 12 (353 left) Law Of Attraction

Good Evening! Things are moving forward very fast. Last night before I felt asleep my mind withlawofattraction365days_idea_light-bulbstarted giving me ideas of how to get passive income in a completely new way. I lay in bed and was amazed of the speed my thoughts were jumping from one idea to another. I was receiving book titles and other ideas. I knew it was quite late so I focused myself and gave instructions to my brain “I will go to sleep now, I feel sleepy.” It worked, I felt asleep. In the morning I again felt excited and the same flow of ideas came. Woau!

I took the day very easy. I slowly made myself breakfast, before that I have listened to the morning rampage to set my day, and it was set on relaxing day. And it really was.

During lectures two cameraman’s came and started filming the lecture. I strongly felt the contrast. My path of least resistance was to get up and get out. And I did! We watched one great video about a girl stuttering who turned her weakness/oddness into her benefit and was also talking about blogging. Funny, all I need is coming together at the right time.

Today I’ve seen great example of how the Law of Attraction immediately works. I was in a nice cosy bar in the middle of beautiful park. There was also a woman who had two dogs that did not listen to her obey orders. She was standing ready to go, dogs were playful and started jumping and started scratching her jacket. She was saying: “Don’t jump, you will scratch my jacket.” It looked funny! And of course that is exactly what happened. More she was saying don’t jump, more they were jumping. It reminded me of how many times I was saying “I don’t want …” and I received exact portion of what I did not want. Why is it so? Because the Universe does not know the word No, it is translated as Yes! It happens faster especially when the word is full of emotion. If I fear in some situation I will get matching fear from the Universe and it will be exact match of my signal which I am giving into the Universe.

Manifestations of the day:

  1. Immediate bus connection with chair
  2. My favourite car on billboards and in live (middle version of a car) – Beautiful really!
  3. Beautiful morning walk through the City centre
  4. Lavender was covered with snow and despite that I could still smell nice fragrance of it. Relaxing!
  5. Phone was making updates and a funny figure was displayed on the screen wiggling her tentacles. It made me laugh. (relaxing and funny)
  6. Synchronicity: 222, 666, 13:13
  7. Nice time with partner (lunch time walk and drink in a cosy bar) and a surprise; I received a waffle with plum jam and chocolate spread. I really appreciate it.
  8. I was given clementine
  9. Nice walk through the park with beautiful windy, snowy scenery
  10. Peaceful, relaxing time at the cosy bar in the park

Daily playlist:

I am still overwhelmed with ideas but my mind is now still and body relaxed.

Today I found out that I have all potential to build prosperous, wealthy, abundant life. But I will also start manifesting it with Lotto numbers. I know it can be done and I will set my focus on it. Actually I will relax into it. I will tell you why; when I was in France sitting under a huge tree a pigeon has pooped on me. It was purple colour. It sounds funny but I know that I will manifest the winning sooner or later because I feel it. Now, as I am writing I remember how I relaxed and felt words from the video about manifesting money. I felt the energy going through my legs up. It was really nice energy.

I feel deep gratitude of today’s contrast and for all experience I’ve had.

Good night!


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