Day 13 (352 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi there! I feel myself climbing emotional allowing scale, each day higher. Contrast is one of the ingredients on my path and I am fully embracing it with all awareness I can unleash. Thing that is happening to me is that I feel connected all the time and then I ask myself, is that all? I feel a little bored, but it is then when I realize that in the morning I’ve set my day on calming day. Today two events with major contrast happened and I’ve got clear insight of its reason.

First was when I was waiting for the bus. I saw that one bus that could connect me with the one I would like to go with comes in 3 minutes. I felt like I would like to walk to a next bus stop. So I did. But I took a different path. When I was approaching the bus station I saw that there was ‘my’ bus but I was too far to catch it. I was waiting at traffic lights when the Bus was still there. It was green and I crossed the road, the bus was still there but not on the bus stop but a few meters ahead waiting at the red light. I thought to myself, why not try to wave to bus driver to open the door. He waved me back. It was funny and I felt slight feeling of discomfort. Again ‘I don’t care what other people think’ was not 100% active. I felt shame. But I did my best. I went very general. I said to myself, “ok, I feel like … now, but I am sure there has to be some other reason why bus driver didn’t let me on the bus.” I was looking and looking, seeing nice cars, but I felt that this was not it. I started listening to Abraham Hicks RAMPAGE, The Receptive Mode and immediately reached the feeling good standpoint. THEN I saw what the reason was. I’ve met one friend who I’ve met when I was on a cruise with Esther Hicks (Abraham). We started talking and it really was The Law of Attraction bringing connected people in receptive mode together. Funny and very evident proof! I was at the right time at the right place!

Second contrast was regarding fear of being publically exposed. I knew that Source within me does not think the same as I do so I accepted all fear before I let it go. I am cleaning my vibration of everything that is standing on my path preventing me of manifesting.

I witnessed another great example how you do not want The Law of Attraction work for you. It is again NO word. Lecture guest demanded from us not to use mobile phones during lecture, saying “Do NOT use mobile phones…”. I could imagine Universe say “Your wish is my command: we heard: USE mobile phones …” Of course we used phones! I felt inner laugh. It really works that simple and evidence is fast presented. I have to say that I again felt judgment. I was grateful for the experience/contrast and said farewell to judging myself and others and others judging me… I felt peace and acceptance.

Today I’ve received a note from post. There is one delivery waiting for me. I am curious what it is. I know I have some debt to pay off but I already received their notice. I know only good will come out of this.

When I met my friend I talked about consciously practicing The Law of Attraction. I felt she did not feel comfortable about it so I stopped talking about it. I know not all people will understand what I am doing, so I decided not to share it with her yet.

I am still getting new ideas about passive money-making business. I am grateful.


  1. Cute dog sitting at the back of the car watching me while I was waiting for the bus.
  2. Suns’ silhouette was peeping through misty clouds
  3. Synchronicity: 666, 888, 555, 999, 999, 9999, 999
  4. Beautiful flock of pigeons flying in the sky, forming the field position
  5. Immediate bus connection and favourite chair
  6. My favourite car on billboards and in live, to be more precise it is a jeep
  7. When bus came I’ve pulled out my ID, then Health card and at last Bus card. It was funny. But It made me wonder whatwithlawofattraction365days_white_pigeon_loa was the purpose of it. As I can remember first two cards are mainly connected with travel or buying something Big. Hm…we’ll see what beautiful will Universe bring me.
  8. Knowing of how to start writing the book (first do the homework: rampage and positive aspects of writing the book)
  9. White pigeon landed in front of me
  10. I’ve learned similarity of Medical hypnosis with getting into the Vortex, interesting (as I was introduced to it, it uses the principle of least resistance)
  11. I’ve met old friend from Abraham cruise
  12. Peaceful time in the office
  13. I’ve received good information on one organisation
  14. Immediate bus connection

Today’s’ playlist:

To memorize:

  • I believe there must be FASTER and EASIER WAY!
  • I know that everything is already manifested!
  • Each day do 4 things: meditate, go into the nature, write a book of positive aspects, look out and into the sky – I know Universe you are guiding me every moment, loving me, appreciating me, …

Good night and I wish you to manifest something nice!



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