Day 14 (351 left) Law Of Attraction

It was THE day I could say! The Law of Attraction was revealing to me in its full magnificence.

withlawofattraction365days_robin-bird_loaWhen I was preparing breakfast the robin landed on a frame of window. It came to greet me. It was beautiful, cute and pleasant. Thank you cute bird!

Then I went to the post office to see what was waiting there for me. I saw it was a letter from the bank. I started reading: “We inform you we will close your bank account…due to blockade…” Hei, wuau!!! I started repeating: “Only good will come out of this. I am safe and the Universe loves me.” I felt peace. I am Amazed to feel all calmness that is inside me. I have deepened my faith of “All is well”.

Then I got fired if I may express myself in more rational way.

Well, I felt that something major was coming my way. It looked like this; boss invited me to have a drink with him in a bar. He told me what the situation was and how he was satisfied with my work but the rest of the company’s’ board did not see me in completing company’ culture. I was indeed different. One of things I am proud of is that I stood for myself and set boundaries. I feel I respect myself. I appreciate everything that happened to me there. I bless the owner, boss, co-workers, customers and office. I wish all the best for them. I know I was there for a reason. A reason of growth, forgiving, learning, contrast, accepting, letting go, … of all what did not suit me anymore. I am thankful and I feel gratitude. What I also felt was relief. You remember ‘my project’ of wealthy people beliefs about money? One of wealthiest persons I wanted to interview is in connection with the company I am currently working. At the end of this month I will be free of every regulation or prohibition…. and I will do the interview which I am really looking forward to! My boss will write reference letter for me!

“I know I have a great job, with great pay, great co-workers, great boss/owners and on a very beautiful location, I do what I love and I love what I do, people love me and I love them…” My mantra! I feel it coming!!

Manifestations of the day:

  1. Robin bird came to greet me.
  2. While waiting for the bus one man was making funny remarks.
  3. My beautiful car was again everywhere I went; also on billboards
  4. Gratitude letter; we wrote them at lectures (being in a role of client/therapist). I find it beautiful. I had some contrast work to do. Grateful!
  5. I’ve met with my partner during break. It was ‘just’ in time.
  6. Synchronicity: 11:11, 888, 666, 111, 111, 18:18, 22:22
  7. Sunshine in the office and outside. It was really exceptional.
  8. A hug from co-worker.
  9. Nice words from co-worker.
  10. Support from my boss.
  11. Business tips from my boss.
  12. Nice dinner with my partner. Similar stories are happening to both of us. I believe everything will turn out great!
  13. I’ve received a great tip of how to look for job. Thanks!
  14. Immediate bus connection with favourite chair.

YouTube clips:

I’ve learned:

  • Power of words I AM, I HAVE! Listen to explanation on I Can clips.
  • “This is an old thought; I no longer wish to think that was. Now replace it with new, nicer thought.”
  • Good stuff on playing Lotto! It is about deserving and other beliefs. Do I believe I can have better life just by luck? Well, I don’t. I know I prosper everywhere I go and with everything I do. Researches show that after 2 years people who win the lottery are broke. It is because their mindset does not change! I am changing my mindset!

I took one envelope in the office. After that I started listening to Louise Hay (I Can) and decided to leave the envelope in the office. I do not need to steal anything. That was my fake belief. I can prosper and be abundant and good stuff can come to me without steeling and hiding. I like this Law of Attraction stuff! It is getting me on a very new level of my beliefs!

To help my dearest person I’ve decided to do intentional 30 days story telling (positive aspects) of how I see her prosperous, in a great job…and I am excited to see her prosper…the Universe will bring her only beautiful things ♥

Be blessed!


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