Day 15 (350 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi there! Today I was on a journey of giving and receiving. I’ve listened to many positive affirmations, rampages and Abraham Hicks’ stories. I feel peace now. Many important withlawofattraction_robin_gift-present_loainner blockages have been revealed to me. I have forgiven myself and let them go. I also replaced them with positive affirmations. It was nice how co-workers talked to me. They appreciate the time we had together and time we still have. I am getting very positive feedbacks about me as a person and my work. I appreciate every second and I love them for what they are and nevertheless what I’ve acknowledged about me while working with them. I feel LOVE and PEACE.

I faced my fear issues. I thought I need contacts of some business partners who I worked with. And I have copied information in one document. I’ve sent it to my e-mail. Then I felt I was not feeling good about that. I thought to myself that I am action out of fear, of not having contacts. I’ve decided to erase the file and let The Universe bring me all necessary contacts I need. I did let fear go. Suddenly I felt a relief and peace spreading through my chest. Beautiful!

While working I was observing feelings and tension in my body. I’ve noticed I often feel tension in abdomen area. I’ve noticed I almost stop breathing deeply. That was a clear signal I felt stress. I’ve asked myself what fear I was facing to have such feelings in my body. I’ve realised it was a fear of fully breathing and being loud. It was also because of belief, such as: I have to work constantly to meet others expectations. I was grateful for revelations and let them go. I’ve said I am ok with what I do. My body is relaxed. I am loved and safe. It does not matter what other people think. I CAN BREATHE deeply and I CAN BE LAUD.

I went to the bank to check what can be done with my account. They will close it down and I will open new one at a different bank. I felt some contrast but I was able to set myself back in loving mode, I’ve blessed the worker at the Bank, I’ve blessed the bank and left in peace. I see old things are closing and great new are coming. I feel them! It is such nice feeling in my stomach, chest and heart. I know everything will turn out great, I am safe, Universe loves me and wishes, brings me only nice experience, events and people.

I am proud of myself and happy at the same time.

Many other nice beautiful manifestations happened today:

  1. 3 x Immediate bus connection and withlawofattraction_robin_bird_loafavourite chair
  2. Synchronicity: 222, 555, 444, 777, 888, 444, 6666, 222, 222, 8888, 444, 333, 444
  3. I’ve seen one lady with the same jacket I would like to have
  4. I’ve again seen robin bird and he was singing
  5. I’ve seen turtle-dove, beautiful light colour bird
  6. I’ve seen clear sky, Moon and the Sun – all very nice
  7. Nice talk with co-worker (the one who hugged me yesterday)
  8. I’ve seen tit bird singing
  9. I’ve received a gift of the same co-worker (notebook, pencil, rubber, ruler), as if she knew I was writing The story of positive aspects for my loving person
  10. Very beautiful time with my partner. There is a lot of love, appreciation, gratitude, peace, understanding, laughter, fun, creative moments, help … and other beautiful stuff
  11. Nice dinner and talk with partner
  12. Hm, of course I’ve seen my favourite car/car brand several times and my partner has also sent some photos of them, they are really very beautiful! (I’ve seen them also on billboards)

Today’s playlist:

I’ve learned:

  • I have the right of abundance as I have the right to breathe.
  • Stress means fearful to life’s constant changes. It is excuse we often use not taking responsibility for our own feelings! Stress is just fear.
  • I appreciate and am happy for all abundant people who have nice luxury cars, villas with swimming pools, full wallets of money…wealth, prosperity, huge successful businesses, real estates, stocks, bonds, jets, houses/villas on a beach…I bless them ALL!

Before Bed; 2nd day of practicing Story of positive aspects…results are already showing!

Good night to you all!



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