Day 16 (349 left) Law Of Attraction

Very nice day! I had my challenges. Let’s say three contrast events.

One was in the morning, regarding cooking and listening to Louise Hay affirmations and power thoughts. I felt discomfort and the fastest way to get back into peaceful and calming energy was to plug myself on headphones and listen to Louise Hay. It worked! I love listening to her and I deeply appreciate what she is doing for The World.

Second was before going to the fishmongers. Each day I feel easier to stay connected to good feeling thoughts. If I lose connection I always find it back very fast.

Third stronger contrast happened because of intimacy and limit topic. I realised it was not me to decide, judge or otherwise value the situation. I did eventually let it go!

I faced resentment and control. I let both of them go and I’ve replaced them with “All is well, the Universe loves and supports me. I love myself and other people and they love me. I radiate love. All is well.”

Today I had a moment of blessing all people who are wealthy, abundant, have many beautiful things and are prosperous. I felt great! I felt also great about my previous job and the success they have with spreading their new brand (electric mobility).


  1. Beautiful morning
  2. Sunny day
  3. Surprise of my co-workers, they’ve created a chat group and the one that hugged me last time sent nice photos of last day’s sunset and mountain panorama. I was really happy to receive nice pictures. When thoughts change everything changes! That is a Proof!
  4. I received words of gratitude and appreciation from my partner. Love!
  5. Very nice, loving, peaceful, understanding,withlawofattraction_deer_loa appreciative, funny, happy day with my partner
  6. Synchronicity: 23:23 (from yesterday), 12:12, 777, 999, 111, 666, 777, 23:23
  7. I’ve seen my favourite car in live and on billboards. It is magnificent. I just love it.
  8. I’ve seen my favourite jacket
  9. I’ve seen interesting beautiful dog, very rare breed
  10. I’ve seen new store opened close to my lectures
  11. We’ve had a very funny time searching and parking a car. There was a lot of laughter.
  12. We’ve met a kind farmer at Farmer’s market, he sells great organic halloumi cheese
  13. We’ve seen cute blackbirds
  14. We’ve seen cute deer
  15. We’ve seen tit birds singing
  16. We’ve seen beautiful buzzard
  17. I’ve felt butterflies in my stomach, very withlawofattraction_garlic_loanice and beautiful experience. I know something good is about to happen. I can’t wait!
  18. The funny thing of using two garlic cloves happened. I had a wish of using just one. The story went like this; first time the second clove was spoilt, second time it felt into garbage bin

Today’s playlist:


  • It is not my job to change other people. They will change and start doing things for themselves when they will want (when they will feel, accept, realise or take responsibility). It is their responsibility. It happened while I had a wish of helping other person with one of strategies (beliefs of parents…) of how get faster to positive beliefs. IT NEVER WORKS! I’ve felt resentment and I did let it go. It is sort of funny, because only they know what is best for them!
  • Stay in focus and good vibration. You are not responsible for other peoples’ lives!

Today is third day of positive Story telling for loving person.

Good night to you too! And of course I would love to get your response of consciously practicing The Law of Attraction.


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