Day 17 (348 left) Law Of Attraction

Woow, 17th day and I feel it in my whole body. This connection is really strong. I feel alignment, Energy that Creates Worlds, energy of Vortex mainly in my stomach, heart and chest. It is a feeling of gentle, nice tickling, very subtle energy, I feel it like I am on a limit of laughter (feeling of butterflies). It is really nice and I am deeply grateful for it. I mainly started feeling this energy when I blessed all people who have money, villas, luxury cars, yachts, sail boats, islands…and when I was writing a story of positive aspects for loving person. Try it! I am sure you will enjoy the feeling.

But let me tell you, I did experience a contrast in the morning when I was still lying in bed. I woke up early and after a while I started listening out loud to Abraham Hicks- A Morning Rampage to set your Day for MAGIC! S . I’ve experienced irritating energy, thirst and anger. My path of least resistance was to immediately stand up, drink, eat and then plug headphones and again listen to Abrahams’ Morning Rampage and I asked to be alone. It did work! That’s great to know. But while I was in irritate mode the water stuck in my trachea while drinking water and my phone felt from bed shelf. Well, things happen when I am not in alignment and things happen when I am. One are nice, other not that nice. I am delighted to know how to get back into alignment fast!

I would like to share with you a moment that did not happen today but was significant. It was when I was experiencing contrast. I felt a lot of anger and I wanted to be in a better feeling place. My intention was so strong that I’ve experienced twist. Very strong laughter came out of me and then I was just laughing for a while. Anger has vanished away.


  1. Delicious breakfast prepared by my love
  2. Cat stopped meowing and went away
  3. Delicious waffle
  4. Pigeon dancing in the sky (the field formation)
  5. Tickling feeling of connection with the energy that creates Worlds (feeling of butterflies)
  6. Knowing that I am in alignment
  7. The sun was shining on me while learning on sofa (it was dark foggy day, but then suddenly sun rays started showing, Beautiful!)withlawofattraction365days_love_loa
  8. Nice walk through snowy field
  9. Dancing on the snow, having fun and laughter with partner
  10. I’ve seen a tit bird
  11. I’ve seen raven playing with red piece
  12. I’ve hugged the tree and felt its calming, relaxing, magnificent energy
  13. I’ve seen dog playing, it was funny
  14. I’ve experienced people from car smiling while seeing us
  15. Synchronicity: 148,1481, 1484, 14848, 888
  16. Delicious home-made Quiche
  17. New business ideas
  18. Loving, understanding, playful, connecting, peaceful, grateful relationship
  19. Did workshop for money beliefs, it is an eye-opening, I recommend it to anyone
  20. While doing the workshop there was an experience of other world
  21. Listened my playlist with my partner. I am grateful for that!

Today’s play list:

I’ve learned:

  • My sensitivity to energy is a great tool showing me where I stand in contrast against my source reality (Vortex). I am grateful for it. I know how to use it each day better.
  • When I stay in my alignment everything is smooth, nice, relaxing, calming, fun, playful, loving, delicious…I wish this experience to everyone!
  • I still have to do some affirmations on intimacy/privacy and safety. I know everything will turn out well. All pieces of me are healed. I release all fear and invasion of myself and others. I am free. The Universe loves and supports me and all is well.

Today is day 4 of Storytelling for my loving person. I am very happy to see results! Whoopee! Try it for your loved ones if you wish to help that their lives become better. The leverage of positive energy is multiplied so it is a powerful tool. Why not use it!

Have a great night and I wish you Magnificent manifestations of your lives, you have all the power!


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