Day 18 (347 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi! I am grateful for this day. Really am. I know now how consciously aware I am about my body. I feel it all the time. I again felt butterflies in my heart and belly first half of the day. I know that this is 100% alignment state. When I was not in that state I felt tension instead. There really is one button, switch on and off. I am learning to have it turned on all the time. I don’t care if I don’t feel it all the time, I know I am getting better each day and I am glad for that acknowledgement.

What about you? How is your conscious work of practicing The Law Of Attraction doing? It is a process, so don’t worry if you once feel that you know what to do and the other time you don’t. I am sure you will get better in this every day. Practice is the key, actually conscious practice.

Contrast 1: I’ve felt resentment while looking one pastoral book. I’ve let it go and replace it with love.

Contrast 2: I’ve let all judgement of me and co-workers go. I’ve replaced it with peace and love: ‘All co-workers love me and I love them. I respect them and they respect me.’

Contrast 3: I had a lot of forgiving to do to myself and others. It makes my heart lighter each time I do it. I sincerely recommend it.

Contrast 4: While doing Pilates I felt fear regarding job and future. I realised what was happening so I focused my thoughts on my breath. I remembered that I deserve and I am worthy of everything beautiful; as I deserve breathing. Breath is my divine right, so is all the rest! Fear went away and the feeling of peace came into my body. Nice! I deserve a Great Job as I deserve breath!


  1. Immediate bus connection
  2. Raven swinging on the electric cable – playful
  3. Beautiful tickling in the heart – I know I am in receptive mode. Thank you life!
  4. I’ve seen  my dearest car brand in all variations many times, they really are beautiful
  5. When I stretched myself sitting in my job I saw raven flying above me – 2 times
  6. Immediate bus connection
  7. Synchronicity: 333, 5555, 222, 333, 333, 666, 666, 666
  8. Sensitivity to other people thoughts. I detected uncomfortable thoughts of a co-worker because I was still at work place (he was one who had the strongest objections about me staying in the firm; he just came back from vacation, so it was his first working day)
  9. I’ve seen two turtle-doves
  10. It was misty day and when I stood up to close the window I saw the sun thought clouds
  11. Above my head the sky opened and I’ve seen withlawofattraction365days_chocolate_gift_loablue sky with beautiful sheep shaped clouds despite misty and foggy sky all around
  12. I realised that it has already been three times that job found me. I was very pleased and happy about this knowing. I know great job will also find me this time. ‘I have great job, great pay, I do what I love and love what I do, it is on a beautiful location, I love co-workers and co-workers love me, we respect each other, we have a lot of fun, I am creative and it is very fulfilling.’
  13. I’ve received a gift (handmade 100% raw chocolate with hazel nuts, sugar-free). It was a direct translation of my untold wish.
  14. I felt deep gratitude for relationship with my partner


I’ve learned:

When I want to do something out of a place of lost connection and with resentment I get immediate sign (clothes hanger felt on the floor, tea was spilt, e-mail delivery failed). Clear as it can be, The Law is mirroring my mind beliefs straight away. I am grateful for that because I can straight away correct my signal.

Today is Day 5 of Storytelling for loving person: Hei! I really am glad and happy for outcomes. Happy, happy, happy… Try it 🙂

I wish you pleasant night sleep and wonderful manifestations. Life is beautiful. Thank you life!


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