Day 19 (346 left) Law Of Attraction

It’s already 19th day and I am proud of myself. I know that with every day my thoughts are changing for the better. How is your process? I would love to hear from you, your experience and your stories of changing your life with changing your beliefs.withlawofattraction_yourstorry-loa

My recent job is coming to an end, I still have five days. Today I again felt discomfort of some co-workers if my presence. I knew this is not my and I accept other peoples’ different states of mind. I am sensitive to vibration and I know it is a gift. You can also practice with conscious awareness and differentiation of what is my and what is others.

Contrast 1: I discovered inferiority belief while thinking about applying for a new job. Therefore I started going very general. I plugged myself to Louise Hay affirmations and it worked. I realise that it is a process and I just have to stick with my practice. I know I am doing a great job and each time will be easier!

Contrast 2: I’ve experienced a fear of not being perfect. I knew this was false belief. I gently let it go and replaced it with: ‘I don’t need to be perfect, I am enough the way I am. Life loves me and all is well. Everything is ok.’

Contrast 3: I’ve experienced fear that nobody likes me. I know that this is very old belief. I was very well aware of it. I knew these thoughts do not serve me anymore so I’ve lovingly let them go and replaced them with: ‘I know I am loved and deserving being. People love to talk to me and I love to talk to them. I am safe. Life loves me and all is well.’


  1. Nice beginning of the day
  2. Raven was again swinging on electric cable. Funny!
  3. Beautiful cars of my favourite brand, I’ve seen at least five of them
  4. Synchronicity: 777, 888, 888, 888 (when I was thinking about a new living space), 1144, 666, 4444, 999, 222, 777, 999, 333, 000, 444
  5. Immediate bus connection and my favourite chair
  6. I’ve seen many new beautiful cars like Mercedes Benz white thinking of a new job
  7. I’ve again felt butterflies in my belly and heart, I knew I was in receptive mode
  8. I’ve heard bells song Ode of joy from bell tower of City hall, beautiful!
  9. I’ve received a compliment about my shoes
  10. You remember one of wealthiest people I’ve met, well, I’ve seen him again. He was on the same bus as I was. So it reminded mewithlawofattraction-yes-loa of my project of interviewing wealthy people.
  11. When I did affirmation: ‘I make good money’ I’ve seen a car plate written ‘YES’!
  12. Four pigeons flew across my window at the work place (the field formation)
  13. I’ve received two links for job application (yesterday), both interesting jobs
  14. Immediate bus connection with my favourite chair
  15. I’ve felt butterflies in my belly and heart – I was aware of being in alignment
  16. I’ve seen a huge flock of pigeons flying carefree. Beautiful!
  17. I’ve had nice, loving talk with my partner


I’ve learned:

  • The best thing is we all have power to change right NOW at THIS MOMENT! We had a great lecture and I’ve found more false beliefs about myself. It was eye-opening. Thank you!
  • Life is simple and easy.
  • When we were little babies we felt no guilt, no shame and no comparison. It should be the same now. ‘I am magnificent and I deserve all good life has to offer!’
  • I know I am planting seeds. It is a process. And I am also watering them and giving them all right conditions to grow. But I know it will first take some time for seeds to sprout. I am patient. I bless them all with love.

Today is Day 6 of Storytelling for my loving person. Things are unwinding fast! Happy!

I wish you blessed and loving planting of your seeds.

Soon good night!


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