Day 20 (345 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi there! It’s been a long day and I am a bit tired. I can’t wait to go to bed. We just made delicious pizza with my partner, I’ll try a little piece, mmmmm

Another day, many new experience and new conscious thinking.

Today I exercised gratitude. How grateful I am for everything I am, everything I have and everything other people have and are. It is a nice state. I really recommend it.

Contrast 1: I was letting resentment and judging go and replaced them with love, peace and acceptance.

Contrast 2: I was letting hatred and judgement go and replaced with love and acceptance.

Contrast 3: I was letting hurt go and replaced it with love.


  1. Immediate bus connection with favourite chair
  2. I was just on time for the exam
  3. Synchronicity: 222, 333, 222, 888, 999, 111, 666, 111, 333, 444
  4. I had a nice walk through the city centre and I’ve seen cute ducks swimming synchronously
  5. Sparrows came to my feet, cute!
  6. One guy of hare Krishna stopped me withlawofattraction-happiness-loaand asked if I know the city centre. I’ve answered that I do. Then he asked me if I know where the happiness is. Of course I knew. I said here and showed on my heart. He replied, ‘Then you know everything’.
  7. I’ve again felt butterflies in my belly and heart – I knew I was in alignment (receptive mode)
  8. Again immediate bus connection
  9. When I felt I have to look out the window I saw two pigeons flying, then two turtle-doves and last four pigeons. Beautiful!
  10. I’ve seen large flock of sparrows
  11. I’ve seen a dog in playful receptive mode running in circles out of joy
  12. Co-worker told me she is sorry that I am leaving
  13. Immediate bus connection with favourite chair
  14. Of course I’ve seen my favourite car brand
  15. I’ve had loving, peaceful, creative, accepting and nice time with partner

Play list:

I’ve learned:

  • Expectations always bring disappointment.
  • Job title does not define us!

It’s day 7 of Storytelling for my loving person. Nice outcomes really! I appreciate it. I am grateful and thankful.

I wish you great manifestations. Now is your power!


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