Day 21 (344 left) Law Of Attraction

As good as it gets! I had a roller coaster of emotions this evening. It was contrast. I’ve experienced such anger. Uffffffff! It took me some moments to figure out what was happening. I asked my partner to leave me alone. I went into my mind and started researching. I analysed what was the reason for my feelings. I know I feel other people’s bodies and energies and it is sometimes overwhelming and sometimes I do not realize that this are not my feelings, that I just sense them. This was the case. I had to step out immediately. It looked a little weird for someone observing me but it was my path of least resistance. Now I feel great!

Well, if I think of today’s day I had many similar experiences. On the bus I felt other people’s heads, bodies… I tried to stay in alignment but it was a bit harder. Now I know that the easiest path to my alignment is either to manifest people with clean and nice energy or to move away. My affirmation: ‘I am all the time surrounded with people who have nice energy, vibration, they are positive, healthy, loving and aware. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know how to feel good straight away. I will found out eventually. I am doing better each day.’ I know this is my gift and I am embracing it fully, well, working on it. ‘I lovingly embrace my sensitivity of others.’

You remember the situation with my job. Well, now the owner wants to add me on Social media. At this moment I feel like not adding him.

I may say that overall today’s day was really good. I’ve had nice relaxing time in the office; I’ve seen many nice things and experienced many pleasant moments.

Another thing that was present through the day was emotional palette. I was letting go jealousy, anger, frustration, control, pain and hate. I was grateful for acknowledgement and replaced it with self-love and peace towards myself and others.


  1. Lunch package prepared with love
  2. Immediate bus connection
  3. Cars of my favourite brand, They are so beautiful! I knew I was in receptive mode.
  4. I felt how grateful I am for everything
  5. Synchronicity: 888, 666, 555, 777, 555, 1616, 333, 555, 1919, 2112, 2121
  6. Pigeon landed close to me
  7. I felt grateful for nice co-workers replies on my leaving
  8. I’ve seen a cute raven on a branch
  9. I’ve felt nice energy of the tree when I was leaning against it
  10. Had a nice talk with partner
  11. I received a nice message from sisterwithlawofattraction365days-sunset-mountains-loa
  12. Synchronicity of my blog name and the price of one conference (365)
  13. Had a nice day at the office, easy
  14. Nice dinner prepared by my partner
  15. I’ve seen beautiful Jaguar (car) tree times, once with 777
  16. The sky opened and I’ve seen mountains in beautiful pink-purple colour.

Play list:

I’ve learned:

  • I’ve discovered some old beliefs that other people have told me and I’ve change them into positive. ‘I am leader/CEO with ease. I am honest, organised, well with people, successful, nice. I do work smart and easily. I make great profit.’
  • Nobody is perfect. There is so much perfection in this statement. We are all perfect despite we are not perfect. There is perfection in imperfection and that is all perfection there is. So, take it easy!
  • I’ve smelled three perfumes, three times. It reminded me of smell from my past. I don’t know yet what to think of it. As much as I know now is, that I have to let this experience go. ‘I am letting all pain and frustrations with perfumes go. I love myself and I forgive myself and others. I breathe fresh air everywhere I go. I am free and happy. All is well.’
  • ‘Get happy, then follow your inspiration.’

  • ‘Eat for pleasure of it not for results, but first get happy and then follow inspiration.’ That is why people look the same as you do but they eat completely different food. It is about compatibility.

Yesterday before bed time I did story telling for myself. I felt really nice. I will also do it today.

Today is day 8 of storytelling for loving person. It is very powerful and outcomes are really nice.

I wish you nice manifestations. Good night!



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