Day 22 (343 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi there! While writing this, my laptop is playing with me. The thing is that I wish to have a new laptop but I need this one until I buy or get new one. ‘I like my laptop. It works perfectly all the time. I can use it any time I want. It is serving me well until I get new one.’

Today’s day was very easy. I had nice time and many nice conversations with co-workers.

I also had one challenge. Since I keep my blogging private for now, I am clashing into other people interests of what I am doing while being on my computer. Hey, interesting thing! I am in dilemma of disclosure. I felt fear. I know it is again connected to experience what other people think. Therefore my affirmation is: ‘Everything I do is OK. I am free of judgement, comparison, guilt, shame and blame. I am what I came for. I express myself freely and I love being who I am. I love what I do and I do what I love. I am safe and all is well.’

Another contrast: I feel tension in my belly. I don’t know yet what it means. Well, I will figure out eventually.

Today I’ve paid lotto. ‘I know I deserve abundance and I embrace wealth into my life. I am wealthy, abundant and prosperous. Everywhere I turn and touch turns into precious gold. I am wealth magnet. I deserve it. I have it. I enjoy it.’

And another contrast: I was managing my anger. I was letting it go. ‘I love myself and others. I am in peace. I love life.’ I was also letting control go, ‘I am free of all control and I am safe.’ Third thing was letting resentment go, ‘I am free of all resentment. I accept myself and others. I love myself and others. I am safe and all is well.’

Let me share one contrast more; it was regarding deservability. I felt like I do not deserve. Therefore I acknowledge the thing that happened was not because of other person but because of my projection of my beliefs. I am happy things are turning out the way I want. I know everything is in my ‘hands’, actually ‘mind’. ‘I deserve, Universe is abundant and all beautiful comes to me. I am magnet for money, free time, nice time, good quality food, nice people, pleasure, happiness and joy. All is well. Thank you life. I am grateful.’


  1. Synchronicity: 777, 888, 111, 777, 999, 1616, 333, 00000, 7777, 2244
  2. I borrowed a car to get to my job and later to go to Organic Farmer’s Market
  3. While being a bit late, waiting at red traffic light, I found out what was the reason of my lateness: my beautiful smaller version of white dream car was waiting behind me, then he overtook me and I could enjoy observing it almost all the way to my job. I knew I was deeply connected!
  4. While looking at photos of my favourite car I saw a plate with sign GIFT. I was really happy knowing being in alignment.WithLawOfAttraction365days-drink-LOA.jpeg
  5. Nice relaxing day at work
  6. Drink with co-worker and nice conversation
  7. Free drink
  8. I’ve felt other people and appreciated it. I had to switch to ‘I love you very much but I don’t care what you think mode.’
  9. I was grateful for everything
  10. Sunny day, sun also in the office
  11. Clear blue sky
  12. When I stood up and looked out I saw beautiful pigeon flying
  13. Co-worker (the one that hugged me) offered help with applying for jobs and writing CV
  14. Farmer gave me one extra free flour
  15. I received an offer for cooperation and withlawofattraction365days-money-loainvestment. I know I have many great projects waiting in line for fresh capital and opportunities are already showing!
  16. Good lunch prepared by my love
  17. Good snack (small pizza) prepared by my love
  18. Good lemonade prepared by my love
  19. Good tea prepared by my love

Play list:

I’ve learned:

  • While listening to Louise Hay I heard her say affirmation life gives me easy lessons. I started choking with water because I remembered this was not true. I heard Abraham Hicks saying we think our source wants to punish us, looking at us and saying ‘hey you were lazy for a while, now some suffering will do you good. That is not true! It was never supposed for us to suffer!
  • Life is beautiful, easy and nice!
  • I was cleaning the belief that people need diplomas if they can be successful. I know that is not true. One of most riches people have not even finished high school.
  • I feel itching of my skin on head. I realized that there is tension behind all this. ‘I lovingly release all tension from my body. My body is relaxed and in peace all the time. I breathe love and radiate love. My body is in balance. All is well. I am healthy. I love and embrace my body. I am safe. I have beautiful healthy skin and hair. All body is beautiful.’

Today is day 9 of storytelling for loving person. I am actually doing it for two people. Each of them is showing great results. I am very happy for them and their lives.

Good night to you too!


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