Day 23 (342 left) Law Of Attraction

It’s 23rd day. I feel connection as being with me all the time. Sometimes I find myself with thoughts just going their way and a sense of difficult focusing on my vibrational reality (Vortex). I do not know if it is because of today’s empty moon. I feel my mind a bit foggy. I also noticed if I often listen to same affirmations or meditations my mind wanders or better said I let my mind wander. It is best for me to listen to different sources and stay more focused. But it is all good, all is well. I will get better and better in this each day. And so will you! Otherwise it’s been a great day. Well, of course I experienced contrast but did quite well. Sometimes I need more time, sometimes less to get back into alignment, but generally I know I am doing great. I am not just saying but I have many proofs of manifestations. It is so great when I feel, see, know and have strong feeling of faith. Now I feel like woman on the picture.


Blogging on old type writer and knowing nobody knows me. But all what I am typing can help others to get into their focus, to see that there are ups and downs and there is nothing wrong with that. I embrace the contrast and feel grateful for each experience when it appears. Sometimes I need more time to unravel it, sometimes less. Keep going and stay patient. You know that seeds need some time before they sprout and before you see your physical manifestation. Therefore stay persistent, feel your Vortex and believe, have strong faith. Eventually things will start showing to you! It reminds me of Jesus preaching Blessed those who believe and have not seen. This is explanation of the Law of Attraction and Vortex in short.

Contrast: I felt resistance towards intrusive  behavior with no intimacy limits and no respect. I felt everything very strong. It took me quite some time to get back into Vortex. I was thinking and positioned myself as far from situation as I could. I knew there were some beliefs that triggered this, but for some seconds I was not able to differentiate. I knew it is not as it seems. Funny, cat was helping me get back into alignment. She was walking behind me everywhere I went. Each time she wanted my full attention. I knew that The Law Of Attraction is behind all of this and made me smile. I was back on track! Thank you Cat! I also plugged to Louise Hay 50 minutes affirmations. ‘I love my body, I respect my body, I am abuse free. Everyone I meet respects me, my body, my intimacy and my privacy. I am absolutely safe. I have great relationships. I love myself. I am OK with who I am.’

Another contrast: I experienced fear because of material things. ‘I am safe in the Universe, all life loves and supports me.’

And another contrast: Should I stay unknown and undisclosed even before closest people? I let this one be as it is for now. It is my path of least resistance.

Last contrast: Topic about children-family. I stayed in connection with myself, but it is a topic for me to think a bit more.


  1. Two beautiful pigeons male and doe dancing love dance on chimney, sunrise
  2. Delicious breakfast made by partner
  3. Synchronicity: 555, 000, 8686, 333, 555, 333, 777, 444 (favourite’s car plate), 1414
  4. Butterflies in my belly, heart – alignment
  5. Bird’s nest on tree
  6. Tit birds flying and singing
  7. Beautiful sunny day without clouds
  8. Nice walk into the nature with partner
  9. I’ve seen deer
  10. Glittery snow, it looked like small diamonds
  11. Two dogs playing before my feet. Lovely!
  12. Smelt tree resin, it was transparent and aromatic
  13. Bird of prey flew across the sky, it was beautiful
  14. Smelt beautiful smell of tree trunks
  15. I’ve seen tree falling and heard landing (well it looked magnificent but I prefer nature do it’s course without human interfering)
  16. Elevator was waiting for me
  17. I’ve seen my favourite car brand, one had car plate 444!
  18. Plane lines in shape of Y in the sky
  19. Flock of pigeons flying peacefully in ‘the field formation’
  20. Delicious lunch
  21. Delicious dinner prepared by my partner
  22. Beautiful sun set – blue colour of sky
  23. Nice time with partner
  24. I’ve baked delicious bread. Bon appétit!

Play list:

I’ve learned:

  • I respect myself, my body and others, others respect me and my body.

Today is Day 10 of storytelling for loving person and for me. Results are showing.

Have faith, trust, be persistent and stay in alignment as much as you can. Create great manifestations.

Good night and relax!


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