Day 24 (341 left) Law Of Attraction

Yummy! Raw blueberry cake! My love made one today, it really is so good, she could sell them. I hope she will someday soon.

Let me say that my balance of: go into nature, meditate, write appreciative things, say and mean and believe ‘I am in receptive mode’ was not completed today. I did not go out, I was learning for my exam of psychopathology all day lying on the comfortable couch. Well, it happens, so what. I will do it some other day, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps the day after tomorrow. Receptive mode!


Today’s topic was mainly contrast. I did tell my partner; actually she was asking me yesterday what I am doing on computer, about blogging. No secret anymore, but still unknown site. I find it funny, I feel I am getting quite close to disclosure but hold it in the undisclosed state. I feel it is still my path of least resistance.

Contrast: I felt feeling of disgust towards hygiene. My affirmation: ‘Everything around me and inside me is clean, all is well, I accept myself and others.’

Contrast 2: I felt anger because of expectation/impatience regarding laundry (socks, it’s funny if I think back). I looked what I can do to get back into the Vortex. The Cat again helped me. Thank you cat! ‘I release all control and accept peace and love.’

Contrast 3: I started worrying about relative. I knew that my worrying won’t help and will not contribute to a person’s well being. Therefore I switched to positive side, seeing the person strong, full of life and joy, with clear intention and will to make things better. To accept life and to love it!

Contrast 4: I’ve experienced trust issues. ‘I trust myself, I trust others, the Universe trusts me and guides me, and everyone I meet trusts me. So it is!’

Contrast 5: Well, you could say, how many contrasting situations, but, that’s life. What’s important is how you manage them. There are two ways; being in alignment or at least try to get back in alignment or stay out of alignment and feel feelings of anger, fear etc. But all is well; it’s also OK when we stay in second state. You’ll figure out. Fifth contrast was regarding control, self worth, and lack of material things, faith, trust and capability. ‘I have strength, power from the Universe to have and create anything I want. All components help me achieve my goals. I am strong and focused. I trust myself, I am worthy, I am capable and I have/possess many nice things. I deserve, I trust and feel my manifestations.’


  1. Beautiful start of the day
  2. The cat showed me yoga positions, it was really funny, how she is relaxed, nice!
  3. Delicious breakfastwithlawofattraction365days-bruschetta-loa
  4. Delicious lunch
  5. Butterflies in my belly – receptive mode
  6. Nice time with my partner
  7. Cute delicious snacks – bruscettas made by my partner while I was learning
  8. Beautiful flock of pigeons flying in ‘the Field’ formation several times
  9. Playful catwithlawofattraction365days-funny-cat-loa
  10. Co-worker asked me to send her CV so she can have a look and help me
  11. Cosy time on the couch
  12. 1818
  13. Foot massage
  14. Offered help from my partner (ironing)

Play list:

I’ve learned-realized:

  • I realized how much the feeling of jealousy and envy hinders prosperity. It is completely wrong and non-functional to be in a state of jealousy and envy. Let it all go. I did it ‘I let all jealousy and envy go, I am receptive and deserving being. I deserve prosperity and so do others. I am safe and all is well. There is limitless flow of abundance available to each and every one. There is no lack and limitation. If I am abundant, I do not deprive anyone else to be abundant and vice versa! We are all deserving beings no matter age, sex, religion, culture, race, background, experience, occupation, status, wealth, health…’
  • Practice gratitude, it will take you in a place of receptive mode. If you think you have nothing; it is not true! You have yourself and all power, freedom of will, now!

Today is day 11 of storytelling for loved person. It is interesting to observe thought patterns and outcomes. Keep going, 19 days to go. For me, I’ve done it 5th day.

I wish you great manifestations and life! Have nice dreams.



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