Day 25 (340 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi! Today’s topic is fear. I felt it several times. I know it is a lack of feeling of safety. ‘ I know all is well, the Universe is abundant with everything and anything beautiful that comes in my way. What I have put into my Vortex is solely my. Nobody can take anything, influence in any way and deprive me of anything if I do not give them my power. I decide what will happen in my life because I control my thoughts. I manifest only beautiful things. Universe brings me only beautiful things. All is well and I am safe. There!

I know from psychology that we have two types of fear; one is functional and the other non-functional. First protects us in dangerous situations and the other obstructs our functional functioning, daily activities and positive beliefs about ourselves.

I have exam tomorrow. I know it is one step closer and I am on the right path and it is never ending and beautiful.

Contrast 1: Fear because of debt. I immediately started listening to 200 ★POWERFUL★ Abundance Affirmations listed below. It helped. It soothed me. The cat was again helping me. Thank you cat!

Contrast 2: Control; it was regarding water for tea. I also felt anger. ‘I am grateful for my guidance system, and letting it go. I give up control of myself and others. I am free of control.’

Contrast 3: I felt judgement. ‘I release judgement towards myself and others. I lovingly accept others and others lovingly accept me.’

Contrast 4:I felt fear of applying for the great new job. Fear was intense and my heart was jumping. I felt inability of being a leader. ‘I am capable of being anything I want. I am safe. All life supports me. I have high self-esteem ant trust. I trust myself. I love myself. I deserve. I am worthy of the position and all benefits it provides. I know how to be a leader. Being a leader is natural to me and I feel comfortable and safe. All is well.’


Contrast 5: I felt discomfort thinking about my past jobs. I felt shame. ‘I accept myself and everything I’ve done in life. Every occupation is honourable. I let all judgement, self condemnation and comparison go. I am OK as I am. There is nothing I need to change. I love and accept myself completely.’

Contrast 6: I’ve again felt feelings of other people, actually their unconscious unresolved feelings. It was anger. I’ve decided not to take it into consideration because it was annoying, but somehow could not switch myself off. I knew that feelings are not my. I realized I have trouble with accepting other people’s unconscious stats (depression-anger; powerless, passiveness, ignorance). It was just too much, I felt an explosion in my body and decided to go to my partner’s place. ‘I am free of other people unconscious states and feelings. I am free of anger, powerless, passiveness and ignorance. I love and embrace myself and others. I let all judgement go, I am free. It is easy to let all go’

Contrast 7: I realized I often find myself in non-functional caring position and taking responsibility of other people. ‘I now it is ok to trust other people that they too have their own guidance system. It is not me to take care for other people in such way. I am free of caring for others; I am free of controlling others; I am free of control. I can take care for me.’


  1. I keep receiving ideas about business (from yesterday night)
  2. Immediate bus connection + chair
  3. Funny raven sitting on electric cable looking at me
  4. Little snow flakes
  5. Co-worker sent me a great job vacancy (you remember my project of interviewing wealthy people about money beliefs – well, that’s the exact company) and other links related to jobWithLawOfAttraction365days-Application-LOA.jpg
  6. Login appeared to me (connected to new vacancy)
  7. I had a great easy day at the office
  8. Co-worker offered help with finding job, asking if someone knows for free vacancy
  9. Nice talk with co-workers
  10. Solitude in a positive way
  11. I’ve seen two turtle doves
  12. I’ve seen and listened to beautiful birds singing
  13. I had a short walk and connected to a tree
  14. I’ve seen many cute ravens
  15. Synchronicity: 444, 888, 999, 555, 555, 333, 2233
  16. I’ve seen cars of my favourite car brand. Magnificent!
  17. Immediate bus connection with favourite chair
  18. Nice talk with partner
  19. Delicious piece of raw cake
  20. I gave a piece of cake to a sister as a surprise. She was very happy!
  21. Calm relaxing evening (in leaning mode)

Play list:

I’ve realized/learned:

  • Practice respect and generosity! It opens all doors of prosperity.
  • I appreciate to know what I want and what I do not want.

Today is day 12 of storytelling and I forgot the book at home. Well, I’ll use other paper and insert it.

Love yourself and be patient!

Good night!


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