Day 26 (339 left) Law Of Attraction

Blank! – The story of today’s day. It was the day of the exam, writing CV’s and the last day at work.

Contrast: I’ve burned myself on finger with boiling water, because I felt fear and lack. I was not in the vortex. It was nothing major, but still, keep the thoughts straight!

Yes, another contrast ‘I let all fear and judgement towards me and others go.’

Another one ‘I let all jealousy go, I am jealousy free.’


  1. Immediate bus connection and favourite chair
  2. Synchronicity: 1313, 9999, 999, 3355, 888, 1155, 1212, 1616, 111, 777 (I am really enjoying writing these numbers)
  3. Peace
  4. Everything on time
  5. Warm bus
  6. I remembered to take things even though I was in a hurry! Connection! Yes, receptive mode!
  7. I was relaxed, had talks and drinks at my job (it was The last day)
  8. Comedy at work – my boss bumped with his head against the inclined ceiling while trying to hug me (saying goodbye), we started laughing, other co-worker was on the phone, we were too loud so she could not hear the client talking to her on the phone, other co-worker started waving but nobodywithlawofattraction365days-empty-office-loa saw that, and then I saw the pen flying across the office into the boss
  9. Many hugs from co-workers
  10. I felt one hug in particular, I felt the sorrow and pain, it stayed with me for some minutes before I said goodbye to it, because I knew it was not my ‘Right time at the right place’ she said.
  11. Immediate bus connection and favourite chair, when I left the office and caught the bus I saw 111
  12. Peaceful walk in the park with glittery ice-snow

Play list:

I’ve learned:

  • The rottener you feel, the better your inner source feels.
  • There is point in the path, feeling good while being on the path, not in the goal.

Today I did not write any story, not even this post, just the title. I was too busy writing my new CV in two languages and application letter. It took me 6.5 hours with minor breaks. I’ve finally sent it. My love also helped me. Thank you love. ‘I am soft with myself.’


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