Day 27 (338 left) Law Of Attraction

With two words, Complete Relax!


Yes, also contrast, since we all are expanding our consciousness; An egg was spilled in a pan, so it was not round, due to my thinking about no finance. Busted! ‘All is well.’

And another contrast regarding car school: anger. Yes, ‘I let it go with love. I am anger free, I love myself and others.’

Contrast 3: I experienced powerlessness. ‘I am capable, strong, successful, wealthy. All nice things come to me now!’

Yes, yes, contrast again, regarding finance and lunch. ‘All is well, I am grateful, I am capable, I have a lot of money.’

Hm, another contrast when one woman stormed in to the relaxing room. Anger. ‘I am in peace, everything around me is nice, people are nice, I feel good all the time no matter what.’

I also experienced uncertainty while being alone. ‘I am safe, my relationship is safe, all is well and the Universe loves me.’


  1. Nice beginning of the daywithlawofattraction365days-sauna-wellness-loa
  2. Day off
  3. Delicious breakfast
  4. Day at relaxing wellness complex
  5. Synchronicity: 1100, 1212, 999, 222, 222, 000 (when I was thinking about investment), 333 (CV), 777, 888, CV, 000 , 333, 444, 333, 888, 444, 111, 888, 8888, 111, 2020, 888, 2211, 2244 (song Timon & Pumbaa – The Lion Sleeps Tonight on the radio while I was driving home), 111, 8888, 2323
  6. Beautiful cars of my favourite brand
  7. Comedy regarding vignette on a highway, ok, it looked also a little scary since a truck was quite close
  8. Huge beautiful heron bird
  9. Beautiful song Céline Dion – A New Day Has Come – touched by an angel with love, while driving
  10. Notice of opposite driving car about the police on the road
  11. We were alone in sauna and pool
  12. I was alone in whole pool, saw a moon, mist was rising from blue water, beautiful
  13. Delicious lunch
  14. Stars
  15. Empty road
  16. Nice music
  17. Nice drive

Play list:

  • No listening of clips today, just pure relax!

I’ve learned:

  • Relax and enjoy life!

Today’s story telling for my loving person and me was very short, but I did it!

Good night!


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