Day 28 (337 left) Law Of Attraction

Inner peace! That is the golden nut of today’s wisdom. I wish inner peace also for you. I’ll be a bit short today, it’s almost 10 pm and I’ll go to sleep soon.


It’s my second day without a job. I feel peace and I know I have some CV’s to send. I know deep inside that everything is alright, that all nice things are coming and I feel them in my Vortex (vibration). I wish for you the same.

Contrast: When I was thinking thoughts that were not positive I broke glass dish. I also experienced fear. Then I got very general. I knew everything is alright. When my loved came home and I’ve told her what has happened I’ve experienced guilt. ‘I lovingly let go blaming myself and others. I am free of guilt and I love, accept and appreciate myself. Everything I touch is safe and I am safe. I am free of all old patterns. I am autonomous.’ To achieve faster alignment I had to remove myself from the room and plug to Abraham Hicks track – Everything is always working out for me. It worked! Thanks Abraham!

Today was also Waffle baking day and I delivered one to my love’s job. I also had opportunity to borrow car. It was nice and fast. I am grateful!


  1. Synchronicity: 1111, 222, 222, 555, 999, 666, 666, 7744, 1313, 333, 2233
  2. Funny name on car plate ‘Hooruk’
  3. I opened a new bank account with very low fees, I guess that is THE BANK where all my fortune, wealth and high income will go
  4. Favourite brand of cars, I’ve seen them at least 6 times, 4 of them drove by in a minute
  5. Nice flock of pigeons 2 times
  6. Nice time with partner during lunch break
  7. I forgot phone charger in the car. Even though it was annoying to me at the beginning, I realized and knew there was more to it. I’ve met my future teacher.
  8.  It’s hilarious, my love is doing things that bother me, and I keep saying if she can stop. Now I feel tickling in my stomach even if I just think of it.
  9. Immediate bus connection
  10. Creating with children from rehabilitation centre (baking apples with almonds and honey) and with sisterwithlawofattraction-sweet-apple-loa
  11. Immediate bus connection and favourite chair
  12. Fun at singing class
  13. Immediate bus connection with chair

Play list:

I’ve noticed, learned:

  • I stared listening to the book of John C. Maxwell with title Failing Forward. I’ve listened a half of it, another half to go. I like his teachings, but I’ve noticed that not all steps are in sync with The Law of Attraction so far, perhaps I am missing some pieces. Failure is OK and it is one of ingredients of success! Explore what your beliefs about failure are. I am sure it will help you see failure and belief system behind it in a complete new light.
  • It’s all right. Where you are is alright. What you feel is alright!
  • Belief is just practiced vibration!

Today is day 14 of storytelling for loving person. Still 16 days to go. Yuppie!


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