Day 29 (336 left) Law Of Attraction

Being in the Vortex? Well, I was most parts of the day. I found out that I am very often letting go the guilt, blame and control. Everything connected with relationship. ‘I let go all blame. I love, accept and appreciate myself. I am free of heavy relationships. I am free of sticky relationships. I am free of anger. I am free of fear. I am free of all patterns. I have strong focus and much energy. I am a powerful creator. My present and future is magnificent. I love life. I deserve and have nice relationship. I give up and give in. I give up this relationship. I give up. I give up. I give up…! ‘Everything is always working out for me. Everything!


Huge contrast: I experienced guilt, blame, fear, control. ‘I give in and give up all of it.’ I feel that my path of least resistance is to go far away from relationship. To a peaceful place, to a accepting place, to loving place, to guilt, control and fear free place. I am in guilt, control and fear free state. I am grateful. I am grateful for everything. I am generous. I am surrounded with positive generous people. With people who love and accept me as I am, who appreciate everything I do for them and I appreciate everything they do for me. I am free. I have a lot of time. I can do whatever I want. I am patience and connected.

Another contrast: I felt sadness. It was because I expected particular response. ‘I am free of all expectancy.’

I also listened to John C. Maxwell (link in yesterday’s post).


  1. Flock of pigeons flying in the Field formation – 2 times
  2. Good breakfast
  3. Quiet morning
  4. Synchronicity: 1111, 888, 1122, 222, 888, 5522, 888, 222, 555, 333, 777, 666, 333, 111, 555, 333, 999, 000, 888, 000, 444, 222, 555, 1515, 777, CV, CV (I know, it is time to send CV’s)
  5. All meetings I had were cancelled – I felt like the energy of meetings it is not settled. I actually felt that there won’t be any meetings. Connection!
  6. Cute sparrows
  7. Nice bird singing
  8. Nice walk
  9. Ravens, many ravens making noise and flying all around
  10. Very pleasant air
  11. I was making rampage on a living space that is in my Vortex ‘Place where I live is warm, nice, beautiful, quiet, I hear nice sounds of the nature, it is at beautiful shore, sea is turquoise blue and warm. It is warm all the time. I can wear flip flops, T-shirts, shorts and skirts all the time.
  12. I visited a friend while she was working.

Play list:

I’ve noticed, learned…:

  • Enjoy the process, enjoy the road, that is the meaning. Enjoy the path. Enjoy that everything is already in the Vortex. Everything just IS.
  • I give up deception of control.

Today is day 15 of storytelling for loving person. There are results (today – very important phone call).


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