Day 30 (335 left) Law Of Attraction

Contrast in the morning, the rest of the day in alignment with the Source.

Contrast: I felt like I don’t want to deal with relationship and I felt my step of least resistance was to stop and to step away. These feelings were effect of yesterday’s night argument. I felt tense anger and I was able to distinguish that it was not my. I focused my attention on how to get back in the Vortex. I actually started ignoring words, things that were happening around me and focused on better feeling thought. I started writing them in my cell phone. It looked weird and ignorant, but I knew that this was the way to ease the situation. It did work! I wrote a whole story in the phone. I did give up and give in the relationship and wrote all sort of positive affirmations of me and beautiful relationship. I must say it was quite a struggle, but it was worth it.

I also felt transfer of sadness. I was grateful for the relationship and was letting it go.

Another contrast: I felt anger again. I knew I was not connected with the Source and that I am not letting manifestation to happen (bag). ‘I let go all anger and expectation.’

Regarding today’s contrast, I just knew I felt it makes no sense to speak or argue about anything.

I was looking for job adds most of the day and I’ve found some really nice positions. I will apply tomorrow.


  1. Delicious breakfast
  2. Flock of pigeons flying in the Field formation 2 times
  3. Sun was shining on me while lying on the couch, it showed after a long time, nice!
  4. Nice message from my sister
  5. The cloudy sky opened and I saw beautiful blue sky
  6. Nice bus drive with partner
  7. I kept receiving ideas about web business
  8. Nice time at pizzeria with my partner
  9. Nice walk in the park with partner
  10. I made a dessert, I was creative
  11. Synchronicity: 2112 (yesterday) 1313, 222, 777, 555, 111, 2222, 2332
  12. I found IQ test on web and we filled one in, the score was 135!! Funny!
  13. Cat was playing and it was funny
  14. I’ve seen cars of my favourite brand
  15. Funny time while practicing singing/my partner was exercisingwithlawofattraction365days-pizza-loa

Play list:

I’ve noticed – learned:

  • Sometimes staying in the Vortex or getting back is quite challenging but I am getting better in this every day!
  • There is no point arguing!

Today is day 16 of storytelling for loving person. I am happy for results (well-being)



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