Day 31 (334 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi there! I will be as creative as I can be and write today’s blog as short as I can. I am free tomorrow, but my love will get up at 6 a.m., therefore to have a good night sleep, I’m going early to bed.

Contrast happened, as it is normal in our evolving process. Today’s was on anger, again. But this time I was able to stay in alignment the whole time. It was regarding one hoodie. I used it as a pad on legs for the cat to lay on me since she has claws and I didn’t want to be scratched. So, when my love found out (it was hers’ hoodie) we experienced out of Vortex moment. I can say that it was all very funny for me. It actually is when you look from a distance, from a broader perspective. ‘I am in a positive mode.’

I am wondering how much I feel other person’s body as I do experience such sensations. Is it like 100%? I felt I was without energy…

Well, CV’s, I am waiting for reference of my ex-boss. I have made a list of jobs I am planning to apply.


  1. Nice time lying in bed in the morning and then listening to all sort of positive affirmation clips and rampages
  2. Good breakfast
  3. Synchronicity: 1221, 444, 999, 111, 1144, 1155, 111, 8989, 1551, 888, 000, 444, 2020, 2121
  4. A view of beautiful snowy mountains
  5. Sun was again shining
  6. Beautiful walk in the nature
  7. Stone in a shape of a heartwithlawofattraction365days-stone-heart-loa
  8. I’ve seen my favourite brand of cars, several of them
  9. Good lunch/dinner prepared by my love
  10. Playfulness
  11. Nice singing practice
  12. Cat lying in my lap while I was practicing singing
  13. I’ll go to bed soon

Play list:

I’ve learned:

  • Live is a game and I am playing it. It is easy. It is nice. Join me. When playing with the Law Of Attraction everything is nicer, funnier, possible…!
  • I am grateful!

Today is day 17 of storytelling for loving person and 10th for me.

Good night!


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