Day 32 (333 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi there. It was a great day! I did so many nice things. One of them was writing my own story on 4.5 pages. When I finished and read it out loud it sounded wonderful. I will do it more often. Great! I recommend!


As far as yesterday I also have two things to write. First one is contrast: I felt uncomfortable because of one phone cal. ‘I have nice friends, I am safe in the Universe.’ Second was telepathy, I was thinking the same thing as my love was.

Contrast: the father had his time of dealing with anger and I was able to stay in alignment. Yuppie for me! I admit I was on the edge, but then I remembered Esther – Abraham Hicks, The Law of attraction, that I have 17 seconds to change my mind and thoughts, not to fall in the vibration. So, I did follow advice and immediately started telling different story.


  1. Good night sleep
  2. Morning meditation
  3. Peaceful day
  4. The Car!
  5. Nice free time
  6. Synchronicity: 333, 000, 111, 666, 222, 555, 333, 1331, 333 (I heard the song on the radio Boyzone – No Matter What), 888, 777, 1515, 777, 555, 222, 666, 666, 888, 999, 111, 555, 111, 999, 666, 111, 2002, 888, 111, 333, 2222
  7. 4.5 pages of my new story
  8. Holding the cat in my lap
  9. I’ve seen many cars of my favourite brand
  10. Nice walk with sister
  11. Beautiful fast river
  12. Ducks and other birds flying above the river
  13. Big black bird similar to swan flying above the river, it passed so quick I did not see what type of bird it was. That is why the bird flew back and I could see it clearly. Funny! But I still don’t know what type of bird it is.
  14. Nice beautiful horses
  15. View on nice snowy sunny mountains
  16. Nice birds singing
  17. Tea with sister
  18. Big bird nests
  19. Nice dinner with my love

Play list:

I’ve learned:

  • When you ask a question that needs ‘stupid’ answer, you will receive ‘stupid’ answer!
  • We need only 68 seconds to change the vibration (listen in the clip)
  • I once practiced cheque book game, I am thelawofattraction365days-money-loaplanning to do it again. It goes like this: 1st day you have (vibrational) $1.000€… and you spend them, second day you have $2.000€ and you spend them
    vibrationally, 365th day you have $365.000€ and you spend them. It is a process of spreading your vibrational perception.
  • How do thoughts turn to things? Because Law of Attraction causes momentum to get strong enough that they actually become a reality!
  • You pay abundance with appreciation!
  • The Universe does not know whether your response is to something you are living or imagining! Therefore go beyond reality in your thinking.
  • It’s a new day; if you were away from home for a longer time, go there. See how you fit? Look in the direction you want to be, speak in the direction you want to be and never again look back over your shoulder.
  • Nothing changes if you are offering the same response and same vibration despite everything is new. You are not living the same life, it’s a new life from a new vibration, it’s just that the vibration you are offering is the same as you offered yesterday, because you have a habit of thinking the way you thought of them yesterday.

Today is day 18 of storytelling for loving person and 11th for me.

Good night!


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