Day 33 (332 left) Law Of Attraction

Dear! It was a mix of business and relaxing time. It might seem weird, but I have seen so many people today who stress themselves and put themselves in experience of stress because they think that this is the only way. They go hard way! I’ve been to one of HUB’s for business. Interesting experience. About the HUB, I actually missed the place because I thought it was somewhere else, then I’ve found it and all was well.


First contrast: I thought I’ve crashed the blog site since I was making changes to some settings and after that I could not see any blog posts. Well I did not. I just received clarity and changed the settings (name) and it worked again. Thank you Universe for clarity, I know you are guiding me every step!’

Contrast: I know I still have some work to do regarding trust-fear in a relationship from past experience, but I will also explore my sensitivity to this reality. Whether what I am sensing is ‘true’ in this moment or is just old feeling that is still glued to my mental belief system. ‘My insights are clear, I am safe, I am loved, I am in a safe relationship and loyal, I feel safe, I respect myself and I am respected


  1. Good night sleep
  2. Nice morning with my partner
  3. Nice meditation
  4. I’ve read my story from yesterday
  5. Nice time with cat in my lap
  6. Brushing the cat, she was really enjoying, lying on the back
  7. Peace
  8. Nice time on the couch
  9. Time with sister (walk, drink, lectures)withlawofattraction365days-juice-loa
  10. Synchronicity: 444, 666, 2112
  11. All sort of offers on how to make own website are coming to me
  12. Flock of pigeons flying in the Field formation
  13. New info about business options
  14. New contacts
  15. New options to apply for the job

Play list:

I’ve learned:

  • Only I am the master of my beliefs. Things happen and have happened, but all what matters is my response, nothing else!
  • I am loved, safe and respected

Today is day 19 of storytelling for loving person and 12th for me. What about your progress?

Good night!


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