Day 34 (331 left) Law Of Attraction

I feel happy and the results of alignment are showing more and more each day! Good job!

Imagine your life being wealthy, how it feels, what you do. Go there, explore it. Become one with the vibration. Get aligned! Expand. I’ve listened I Am clip and watched the video. If I imagine myself to have all that and do these things, wow, what energy! Try it. The Universe does not know whether it is true or not, all what matters is the vibration we are radiating!


Contrast: Money, discomfort, fear, sadness. ‘I am abundant, wealthy, I am safe, I am happy and I am loved. All is well.’

Contrast 2: regarding no response. ‘I am heard, I am appreciated, I am loved, I am respected, all is well.’ Gratitude. Wow! Immediate response of gratitude!


  1. Good night sleep
  2. Pigeons flying in a flock (the field formation)
  3. Delicious breakfast
  4. Immediate bus
  5. Synchronicity: 333 (from yesterday), 919, 111, 1155, 1212, 222, 000, 888, 0000000, 222, CV, 555, 555, 777, 888, 555, 555, 888, 000, 2020, 000, 2121
  6. Peace on the couch
  7. I’ve read two of my old stories and wrote new one
  8. Cat was playful – nice and funny
  9. My favourite cars, I’ve seen three of them in live and one on billboard, last one in the video clip I am! WOW!withlawofattraction365days-gold-coin2-loa
  10. As a fast direct response to my manifestation of money: money printing matrix in the Museum, golden coins, golden jewellery and raw golden stone. It was the first room I entered. No coincidence here! Just Alignment!
  11. Nice time in the Museum with partner
  12. Funny nice fish called sea moon
  13. Nice text message from sister
  14. When I was thinking about ex-boss and the reference I saw exact colour and brand of the car he has
  15. Telepathic communication, farmer called, I was thinking about her a minute before

Play list:

I’ve learned:

  • There is a fortune of money waiting for me, I am ok with where I am. I am grateful for what I have, I appreciate this. All is well!
  • When you want to prove something that means there is plenty doubt around it. When you don’t know something you are searching proof about it.
  • Spend less time wondering how the money withlawofattraction365days-gold-coin-loawill comes,  and spend more time in focusing on how it feels like when you have it. In time you become such a feeling of well being that the Universe will yield the abundance to you in an infinite ways.
  • Being satisfied with where I am and eager of having more is the fastest way to win the lottery.
  • We are all vibrational beings, we all have access to incredible abundance, and we all have put fortunes in our vibrational escrow and the way we uplift the world is by coming in alignment with that, not by taking some action and then offering some other action to compensate for some other action (man eating from a dumpster vs. new car)
  • Take time to figure what do you want and WHY you want it. For instance, lottery ‘I seek my alignment, joy, appreciation…’

Today is day 20 of storytelling for loving person and 13th for me. Major things are happening! What about your story?

Good night!


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