Day 35 (330 left) Law Of Attraction

Good day indeed. Many nice things. One of them is definitely the evidence of abundance, I’ve seen four beautiful cars of my favourite brand. Two were red, one black and one silver. Main topic of today’s day was abundance, wealth, the vibration of wealth…


I took time and made a list of my wealth evidences in my life. Very nice!

Contrast: I felt fear, again related to relationship – trust – loyalty. I allowed myself to feel the fear’s maximum, and then it just faded away. At that exact moment I heard cat miaowing very loud.

2nd Contrast: I thought I have missed the buss. Well, that was not the case, I mixed the time, I still had more than an hour. Whoopee!!

3rd Contrast: I let go judgement. ‘I accept and appreciate myself and all other people, beings


  1. Relaxing peaceful evening
  2. Delicious breakfast
  3. Time to listen to affirmations, to set vibration, to feel wealth and everything nice that comes with it
  4. Synchronicity: 848, 1001, 1010, 000, 1212, 111, 77777 (when I was thinking: ‘I accept where I am.’), 111, 333 (I was thinking: ‘I am satisfied with where I am.’), 111, 333, 555, 555, 444, 1717, 666, 2233
  5. As I mentioned above, I’ve seen four favourice cars of my favourite brand
  6. I had a drink with ex-co-worker (friend), nice time talking about dance and planning one dance night soon. I was also amazed how she knew ‘the good feeling place within’; we call it alignment, from where she creates events, things… Great!
  7. Immediate bus connection
  8. Nice, beautiful, loving feeling of peace, harmony and alignment
  9. Beautiful flock of pigeons flying ‘in the field’ formation
  10. I made delicious pizza
  11. Immediate buss connection
  12. Nice time singing, using professional sound system ‘Bose’
  13. Immediate buss connection
  14. It was funny, I was standing at red traffic light by the crossing and nobody pressed the ‘stop’ button. We could be standing there whole night. If we are not consciously aware what to do in a situation we can wait our whole lives!
  15. Cat was making funny poses, she was very playful
  16. I’ve managed to post reference from my ex-boss on the web
  17. Nice lemonade

Play list:

I’ve learned:

  • Be more expectant for the things that you want!

Today is day 21 of storytelling for loving person and 14th for me. Ground is shaking, new things arising. Fast forwards changes are happening!


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