Day 36 (329 left) Law Of Attraction

Luxury on the go! Results are showing everywhere! We booked Madeira and are flying there on April. Whoopee!!! I am grateful!


Luxury cars are everywhere. Today I’ve also seen beautiful pictures of modern architecture. Another thing I did was, I said some words of Universal truth – knowing that soul chooses its parents and I’ve said it out loud in the middle of public lecture of one teacher of karmic diagnostic; in front of approximately 560 people. It was my path of least resistance and some people even applauded. There, that was in short.

Contrast: anger regarding cleanness and tap. ‘Everything is always working out for me; it is not a big deal. All things are appreciated and well taken care for. All is well.’

Contrast: it was regarding breakfast and cheese. ‘I lovingly let myself be in alignment despite of it.’ Yes!


  1. Synchronicity: 1331, 1515, 1717 (when I was thinking – ‘I am debt free’), 444, CV, 737, 444, 757, 8998 (was a plate number of my favourite car), 888, 888, 111, 2112, 949 (when my ex-boss sent me a message), 2323
  2. Beautiful flying flock of pigeons (in ‘The Field formation’)
  3. Cat was funny, playful
  4. Delicious breakfast made by my love. Thank you!
  5. Madeira booked! Thank you!withlawofattraction365days-holiday-vacation-luxury_loa
  6. Nice snack – fruit maid by my love. Thank you!
  7. Nice walk with my partner, playing with words
  8. Beautiful singing of birds
  9. I hugged a nice tree. It had nice energy and it was full of moss.
  10. Delicious lunch (I was the chef of quiche!)
  11. Nice quiet time writing my story on couch
  12. Lecture in concert hall about karmic diagnostic
  13. I’ve met one loving person after lecture but was in a hurry
  14. I’ve met ex-friend, he unknowingly gave me a hint about the place where I can do my internship (psychotherapy), and he has now a new luxury car – white Cayenne, the same car I’ve been seeing for the last three days. I am in alignment and happy for it! I wish you the same!
  15. Hm (yesterday) I’ve sent one CV for a job
  16. I received contact for a new job from my ex-boss (949)
  17. I did let all things about relationship go, using Axis mundi – powerful, and also did my rampage and storytelling in the same state
  18. Loving peaceful time with my partner
  19. I feel marvelous! Eager for more!

Play list:

I’ve learned:

  • Work with the heart! Love yourself! Live fearless and dream big!
  • I can be, do or have anything from my loving standpoint and the universal view.
  • I let all past hurts, relationships, traumas, patterns go. They were all just the experience. I let them go and forgive them. I let there love. They are just my past experience. I thank them and move on. I am grateful for every experience and what I’ve learned. Today is a new day.

Today is day 22 of storytelling for loving person and 15th for me. Braveness is coming out!

Have a great night and beautiful manifestations!


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