Day 38 (327 left) Law Of Attraction

Now I know why I received contact for cruise ship, it was primarily not for me!


I called potential employer and I’ve sent them CV, I also applied to some other nice job. I am eager to see what is in my Vortex and how full my bank account is!

Contrast: I felt anger, because I asked something to be done (tea) but was not. ‘I respect myself, I take myself serious, I am appreciated and taken seriously. I respect my time and also others. I am worthy and I deserve nice things, deeds. I let all anger and expectations go. I give up. I am grateful for experience. I am free.’


  1. I woke up early to take the car to the service. There is also car salon of my favourite car brand. I sat in one of the greatest cars they had in salon. Wow wow wow, what a great feeling! Results of my alignment with money, wealth, abundance are showing  on every step! I also took a leaflet of my favourite car so I can look at it any time. It really is beautiful!
  2. Replacement vehicle – very strong!
  3. Funny – my name and surname were spelled incorrect
  4. Delicious breakfast
  5. Nice, quiet time on the couch – I started learning for my last exam for this semester
  6. Synchronicity: 313, 444, 727, 888, 505, 727, 898, FOR, CV, 727, 747, 888, 919, 1111, 1133, 1221, 222, 666, 444, 727, 606, 626, 333, 555, 525, 848, 2020, 000, 353, CV, 777, 909, 757, 333, 707, 131, 111, 686, 303, 535, 2112
  7. Elevator was waiting for me
  8. Cat was being funny and playful
  9. Cat was sleeping in my lap – three times
  10. Nice peaceful time
  11. I cooked delicious lunch
  12. There was a heart card of five heart on the ground (yesterday I’ve seen six spade card)
  13. I was just in time (being late) to meet the sister
  14. Nice time with my sister
  15. I received a gift from my sister – cocoa butter
  16. Nice singing of birds
  17. Nice walk
  18. Two beautiful doves withlawofattraction365days-doves-loa
  19. Luxury car – two times
  20. My favourite brand of car
  21. Good news from my partner
  22. Nice ride with partner
  23. Partner was helping me write synchronicity numbers and words while I was driving

Play list:

I’ve learned:

  • When we are in alignment we are also in great benefit to others. We can be just messengers.

Today is day 24 of storytelling for loving person and 17th for me. Great things are happening. A lot of focus!


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