Day 39 (326 left) Law Of Attraction

How was your day? I did many things today, I was practicing singing, I have returned old bank card, I withdraw money, paid bills, bought the rose, bought some other things, went to hairdresser, had a dinner with my partner in a nice (fourth) restaurant.

Contrast: Sure there was contrast, which is the way we expand, know what we want and know what we do not want. And on top of all we know if we are in alignment and in the Vortex or not. I experienced refusal (the rose). ‘I am worthy of open and honest relationship, I am accepted as I am. I am in relationship with strong, autonomous, adult and brave woman.’ I experienced sadness – I was out of alignment – I felt like I want to give the rose away to someone else, anyone else on the street! Well, I didn’t.


Third contrast: I felt little anger because of searching the right restaurant and regarding being out of the closet in a public place.


  1. Nice morning with creative energy – I managed to finish some stuff regarding one course and sent the file to professor. Done!
  2. Energy to finish things
  3. Eagerness
  4. Had relaxing morning
  5. Nice quiet time
  6. Couch
  7. Delicious breakfast
  8. Playful cat
  9. Cat being funny – jumping
  10. Synchronicity: 2222 (yesterday), 636, 737, 929, 949, 1001, 999, 010, 5555 (when I returned old bank card and identification calculator) 111, 9889, 737, 383 (luxury car cayenne), 444, Hey! You will not believe it, my password for a new bank card is synchronicity number! 828, 777, 101, 555, 717, 111, 929, 757, 333, 070, 090, 979, 555, 888, 090, 646, 181, 898, 323 OK, now I decided to stop writing each number, because I can do that whole day, they are so many. Thank you Universe! I will only write 3 digit numbers, with the same number (triple) and 4 digit numbers or any other interesting number. 444, 999, 333, 777, 333, 555 YES (It appeared when I was thinking: ‘Yes, I know I have a strong, brave, autonomous and confident partner. It is in my Vortex waiting for me.’), what a car plate!!!: first two letters were my name and surname initials followed with RRR666! Wow (just before I saw it I was thinking about my strong, autonomous, brave, confident partner in the Vortex), password, 555, 777, 333, 666, 111, 111, 555, 888, 000, 000, 1001, 555, 444111, 1616, 333, 333, 333, 2266, 1919, 888, 2020, 2200, 2233
  11. Found spade card with six symbols, black colour
  12. Seen club card with three clubs black colour
  13. Sun was shining
  14. Singing of birds
  15. Beautiful pigeons flying in ‘the Field’ formation
  16. Received business idea (regarding petrol)
  17. My favourite brand of the car – many times
  18. Received a new bank card withlawofattraction365days-bank-card-loa
  19. Luxury cars
  20. I’ve met old acquaintance and a teacher
  21. I again heard the song Ode of Joy at 12:05 p.m.
  22. I had a wonderful massage of head at the hairdresser! Wow, I felt beautiful energy in my chest, hear. I felt alignment! Really beautiful!!! If you think your headdresses is the best, think if he/she ever massages your head. And the haircut was also great. That was the moment I realized how it is when you are in alignment!
  23. I had delicious soup with home made bread and organic cheese. Yummy!
  24. Nice dinner with partner – lasagne
  25. Cat in my lap

Play list:

I’ve learned:

  • Think what you want, what you want, what you want or better what ‘you have’, not what is! Manifest nice life – every thought is affirmation!

Today is day 26 of storytelling for loving person and 19th for me. Still 4 days to go.

Good night!


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