Day 40 (325 left) Law Of Attraction

Day for skiing and relaxing on the snow and the sun. It was very nice!


Contrast: anger because of no cooperation while driving. I stopped the car and we switched, so I was no longer driving. That was my path of least resistance. ‘My girlfriend respects me and all I do. She is happy for me and eager to cooperate with me.’ I admit, sometimes I need some time to get back into Vortex, that is the process.

Contrast: I felt anger because of indirect blame. ‘I am free of anger, free of blame. I am full of love and acceptance. People who accept me and love are surrounding me.’


  1. Delicious breakfast
  2. Skiing
  3. Favourite brand of the car
  4. Synchronicity: 0707, 000, 888, 555, 333, 222, 1010, 3553, 1616, 444, 1661, 2112, 666, 2211, 222, 2244, 1818, 2255, 2266, 2442, 000, 000, 1919
  5. Luxury car
  6. Sun
  7. Magnificent mountains
  8. Beautiful lake
  9. Name of the road: Road of freedom
  10. Mist-sun above the mountain
  11. Beautiful big bird flying
  12. Snow – great for skiing
  13. Beautiful valley
  14. Animal footprints in the snow – cute
  15. One funny moment: I had a wish that we are alone on the ski lift, but then one man came (there were four sits) and he almost lost his seat because he almost felt to the side of the seat. It was not dangerous!
  16. Remember cards of last two days? Well, today one man had a board for snowboarding with two symbols of those cards, a read heart and a black spade. Alignment!
  17. Lying on deckchairs
  18. Immediate cable car – two times
  19. Immediate ride with the van – two times
  20. Driving of a powerful car

Play list:

I’ve learned:

  • Relax, enjoy and skiing within the Vortex.

Today is day 27 of storytelling for loving person and 20th for me.

I am pleasantly tired. I had fun on the skis.

Have a great night!


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