Day 41 (324 left) Law Of Attraction

Another beautiful skiing day is behind me. I am pleasantly tired.


Contrast: Queues, long waiting time for cable car and other ski lift devices. I managed to stay in the Vortex.

Second contrast: fear about money. I started listening I am clip and I was back in alignment. Great work!

Third contrast: I felt guilt because I am not dedicating enough time to my studies. Louise Hay helped me to get back into alignment.


  1. Delicious breakfast
  2. Synchronicity: 2222, 2255, 000, 444, 000, 1001, 1010, 1441 (I was listening to I AM clip when I saw numbers), 444 (when wi-fi connection stopped I saw these numbers), 1717, 999,5151, 888, 000, 2002, 2121, 9009, 555, 777, 333, CV, 1111, 8008, 111, 888, CV, 777, 111, CV, 888, 111, 222, CV, 333, CV, 333, 9339, 222, 2211
  3. Beautiful ride
  4. Beautiful weather
  5. I’ve seen many favourite cars. Beautiful!
  6. Luxury car – two times
  7. A lot of fun skiing
  8. Nice relaxing free time
  9. Happy time
  10. Sunny weather – Perfect!
  11. My love made a heart of ice and gave it to me – very nice
  12. Green – yellowish bird
  13. Very good rolled dumplings
  14. Cute little black birds of prey
  15. Beautiful clear sky
  16. Sky full of star
  17. Nice time with my partner – deck chairs – tea – snow – sun – fresh air – relax
  18. Playful cat
  19. Delicious dinner – spinach omelette
  20. Like!

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • If you feel you are stuck give it up! Give it to the Universe, step away and focus in something else.
  • I was very much aware how my thoughts and vibrations create my reality. That is why I plugged myself to I am clip!

Today is day 28 of storytelling for loving person and 21st for me. Still 2 days to go.

Off to bed I go. Good night!


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