Day 42 (323 left) Law Of Attraction

Another wonderful day is behind me. Actually, has not finished yet. Skiing was excellent. I just had to warm my muscles because I felt pain from last two days of skiing. The weather was so nice and there were just a few people skiing. Manifestation – success!


Contrast: Judging. ‘I release judging. I accept everyone as it is, also me.’

Second Contrast: again judging! Two men with two children were ordering four glasses of wine (bad example). ‘I release and let go judging of myself and others. I accept me and others as they are.’


  1. I wanted to have belt to tight  skies together, and I just found one on the ground, very nice. It was red as my skies. Wonderful!
  2. Nice magpie bird
  3. In two second time ex-boss overtook our car from left side and then we overtook the car from my other ex-job (electric mobility). Funny! I am grateful for the experience. Everyone has its own path – it’s own Vortex. And I’ve seen many CV signs.
  4. Synchronicity: 2255, 777, 444, 2002, CV, 2020, 111, 222, 333, 4949, CV, CV, 111, CV, 111, 888, 1551, 111, 000, 555, 1111, 1177, 444, 444, 222, 333, 3333 (while thinking about jackpot)
  5. Beautiful bird of prey
  6. Of course my favourite brand of car on the road!
  7. Gorgeous mountains
  8. Great skiing withlawofattraction365days-skiinng-skies-snow-mountain-loa
  9. Sunshine, sunny day, Sun
  10. Freedom road – the name of the road
  11. Beautiful river – emerald colour
  12. Beautiful landscape
  13. Beautiful frozen lake
  14. Crazy freelance jumping (from yesterday) withlawofattraction365days-snowboarding-loa
  15. Beautiful castle on the top of the mountain
  16. Cute ducks on the frozen lake
  17. No waiting at the cable car, no crowds, everything was fast, fast, fast and no crowds. Excellent!
  18. Half empty cabin for cable car
  19. Beautiful view on mountains
  20. Nice time with my partner
  21. I received free ski service (on the first day of skiing) and today, my skies didn’t have one plastic part and I have received it for free
  22. Cloud in a shape of an angel wing. Wow!
  23. Free deckchairs
  24. Immediate cable car and van – two times
  25. Great lymph massage of hands by my partner
  26. Delicious rolled dumplings with cottage cheese and walnuts
  27. We’ve seen carnival train with loud music. Funny!
  28. Cute bird flew over the road
  29. Luxury cars
  30. Cute buzzard
  31. My darling was writing funny text messages
  32. Ravens flying in ‘The Field formation’

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Enjoy and do not judge!

Today is day 29 of storytelling for loving person and 22nd for me. Just one more day to go. Things are coming to an end – to conclusions. I am happy for that!

Good night!


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