Day 43 (322 left) Law Of Attraction

Easy day, coloured with nice walk through the city market place and the city centre. I’ve met my ex-boss, this time from eleven years ago. Hm, interesting, two days in a row meeting ex-bosses. I know I am in alignment and my new source of income is coming fast because the evidence is showing every step of the way!


Yesterday I won the lottery, it was smaller amount, but I know I am in the alignment and again, the results are showing on every step!

Contrast: anger, because I am not alone. ‘I have a lot of free time for myself. I am alone and have a lot of time and surrounded only with positive energies.’

Second contrast: control. ‘I give up control. I give it up to the Universe. I give in to all good. Universe, you know what I want.’

Third contrast: anger and pancakes. ‘I have time for myself, I appreciate myself, I have place for myself, I am relaxed and calm. I love myself. I give up, I give up, I give up!’


  1. Synchronicity: 2211, 2244, 000, 1010, 1111, 3223, CV, 777, 111, CV, 1144, 333, ANGELS (car plate), 222, CV, 888, 000, 1414, 111, 111, 1717, 1313, 1313, 111
  2. Organic growth of the blog
  3. I had a great feeling about things in the Vortex (house, car, location)
  4. Playful – funny cat. I use laser to play with her and it is hilarious
  5. Delicious breakfast prepared by my love
  6. Cat in my lap
  7. Luxury car
  8. I’ve met ex-boss, we’ll meet for a drink soon
  9. Nice walk in the city centre with partner
  10. Deliciously cooked apples with cinnamon and walnuts
  11. Delicious lunch (organic chicken and potatoes)
  12. I sensed that my love did not take USB key with her and she came back to get it
  13. Flight of a seagull – Beautiful!
  14. Nice quiet time, being alone, learning on the couch
  15. Cat in my lap purring and sleeping while I’m writing the blog

Play list:

I’ve learned:

  • Alignment! I am in the Vortex for most of the time.

Today is day 30 of storytelling for loving person and 23rd for me. This means The last day of my oath. I am grateful for the experience and what it brought. Wonderful!

Good night!


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