Day 45 (320 left) Law Of Attraction

I’ve sent a couple of job offers and applications today. My alignment, I wonder what is in the Vortex! Funny. I know all is well.

Contrast: disgust and judgment. ‘I love myself and others. Only nice and beautiful things come my way.’


  1. Nice hug
  2. Peaceful time alone
  3. Lessons were cancelled
  4. Cat in my lap
  5. When I’ve sent one job offer I saw a flock of pigeons flying (synchronicity)
  6. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car on one picture (LinkedIn) and twice in live !
  7. Synchronicity: 333, funny name on the car plate (far out), 1414, 888, 111 (I am in alignment!), 444, 1515, AAA000 (car plate), 777, CV, 000, 000, 888, 666, 888, 777, 777, 555, 777, DREAM (car plate), 888, 555, 2233
  8. Immediate elevator
  9. Police on horses – beautiful horses!
  10. Walk in the park with the friend
  11. Cute squirrel withlawofattraction365days-cute-nature-squirrel-loa
  12. Nice singing of birds
  13. Luxury car
  14. Nice time with partner
  15. Bio-resonance – good results
  16. Birds on the electricity cable
  17. Huge flock of black birds
  18. Old luxury car – nice!
  19. A person to share the ride to the sea side tomorrow
  20. I cashed in my lottery winning and paid lotto for next three rounds withlawofattraction365days-winning-loa

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • I am safe, ok and all is well. I am on my path of abundance and the results are showing rapidly!

Today is 25th day of my storytelling process.

Good night and manifest great things!


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