Day 46 (319 left) Law Of Attraction

There is something major happening. I see evidence everywhere, my strong current of alignment (abundance, wealth, luxury, money…) is attracted to me. See below how many times I have seen my favourite brand of the car and luxury car.


Contrast: words of mucking about the payment. I experienced uncertainty, fear and anger. ‘All is well, I can afford to pay. I have clear bills.’


  1. Day to go to the sea side, one passenger was going with me, he was studying ship engineering, he knew what he wanted and was eager about it. Besides all that he will earn good money (ship, sea, engines)! withlawofattracion365days-sea-loa
  2. Synchronicity: 1616, 2323 (from yesterday), 333, 777, 777, 111, 333, 333, 666, CV, CV, CV, 222, CV, 5151 (when I was thinking that I am abundant), 1133, 777, 1551, 222, 1313, 333 (I was in my mind holding in my hand car keys from my favourite car, it was beautiful, when one unknown number ending 333 called me), 2255, CV, 444, CV, CV, CV, CV, 777, 111, 777, 333, 1717, 46964, 2222, 7777, 7788, 777, 111, 1616, 999, 555, 333, 555/888 (at the same time), 888, 555, 666, 444, 888, 888, 555, 888, 555, 2255, 666, 3300 (amount on the bill), 333, 9900, 333, 2002, 2121
  3. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 12 times, once it had a car plate with numbers 666!!!
  4. Luxury car 6 times!
  5. Flock of birds flying
  6. Relaxing time at the sea side
  7. Nice music and time at the cafe
  8. Nice villa
  9. Luxury villa
  10. Cute Cat
  11. Nice houses and path to the sea side
  12. Seagulls
  13. Waitress said when I paid the bill with change: ‘As you knew that I needed 50 cent.’ She needed it for another customer.
  14. Flock of pigeons – one was white
  15. Another white pigeon!
  16. Nice smell of the sea
  17. After a foggy day I saw the sun
  18. Bird of prey
  19. Magpie bird – nice!
  20. When I drove back I had another passenger, this time also one studying engineering. Funny!
  21. Free parking space was waiting for me in front of pizzeria
  22. Dinner in pizzeria with my love, nice time with partner

Play list:

I’ve learned:

  • Nice people are coming my way. I am grateful!

Today is 26th day of my storytelling process.


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