Day 47 (318 left) Law Of Attraction

More organic growth of my blog! Yay! I am grateful for the experience. My wishes are coming true, I have more time for myself. Today’s afternoon class was cancelled. See how many squirrels I saw today, nature, so nice!


Contrast: when I was thinking things that were not in alignment and within the source the crystal deodorant felt out of the box and into the sink. Every thought counts! Awareness in every moment.

Second contrast: laptop mouse, huh, I just ‘lost’ one, actually it was needed for other lap top. Well ‘I have everything I need and want, the Universe is so abundant.’


  1. Nice good sleep
  2. My love ironed my shirt. Thank you!
  3. Beautiful day – sun
  4. Immediate elevator
  5. Synchronicity: 2211, 2323 (from yesterday), 666, 111, 888, 222, 1133, 777, 444, 555, 555, 1331, 111, 333
  6. My friend came into our class by mistake (I thought about her before I entered our classroom), and then she came. Alignment!
  7. I felt thirst because I ran out of water, I was waiting for the class to finish, but it didn’t, I waited and waited and waited. At one point I had enough and I went to get the water to refill my water bottle. I met my friend again, that is so alignment!
  8. We finished morning class earlier – more free time
  9. Afternoon class was cancelled – more free time
  10. White pigeon withlawofattraction365days-pigeon-white-loa
  11. A lot of free time
  12. I had time to get some more info about vitamins and minerals regarding bio-resonance results. On Friday I will get them 25% off.
  13. Lunch on the bench in the park, so great, hot broccoli soup and slice of yesterday’s pizza
  14. Squirrel withlawofattraction365days-squirrel-loa
  15. Nice walk in the Park with my partner
  16. Connection with the nature, nice tree energy
  17. Two squirrels
  18. I received nice text message from my friend
  19. Again white pigeon
  20. Three squirrels withlawofattraction365days-cute-nature-squirrel-loa
  21. Fourth squirrel, they are so cute withlawofattraction365days-squirrel-nature-brown-loa
  22. Immediate bus connection
  23. Of course – my favourite brand of the car!
  24. Woman wearing dark blue jacket, the same I wanted to buy sat besides me
  25. Playful cat, it is so funny, I should film it! We were again playing with a laser.
  26. I had energy to vacuum the flat, cool
  27. Cat in my lap while meditating – double alignment
  28. Three white pigeons
  29. Strong empathy – at 4:30 p.m. I felt sickness, I knew it was not my. In a minute I received text message from my sister. Time to practice singing – alone, great!
  30. I made delicious organic fried potato with vegetables, Yummy!
  31. Nice time during dinner with my love
  32. Organic growth of the Blog
  33. Luxury car in a video, you can smile, Spice Girls – Wannabe!

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • How close am I with everything I want. I actually sense things, smell things and see things that are in my Vortex. Even though I currently do not have a job and waiting for a new one (perhaps it will not be a job, because I know what I want…I already wrote that I’ve bought lottery ticket and this Friday will be the draw) I am in peace and I feel peace and balance. Sweet!!!

  • Ha ha, Aqua – Barbie Girl‘life is your creation’!!!

Today is 27th day of my storytelling process.

Enjoy in your creation!

Good night.


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