Day 48 (317 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi there! Hm, I can say that the day was full of various things, mainly with my time in the Vortex which I really enjoyed. Furthermore, I did experience two major contrasts. But as I know, this means I am expanding greatly. And I did manage to get back in the alignment and in the Vortex, the result of this was immediate. I immediately received words of apology. Try it, I am sure  you’ll like it.

And another thing today was the day of exam – Ethic practice of therapists and I did quite well despite my state of thought blurriness in the morning. Tomorrow is the day of my vitamins, I am looking forward to measure my body state after one month and of course my clear focused thoughts and more energy. It is vital that we, besides our mental care also take care for our physical body. That is love of ourselves. Mind, body and soul, remember 😉


Contrast: I experienced limitation in connection with money, recrimination and blame. To get into alignment fast I had to go out alone to differentiate what had happened and I did. ‘I am worthy, I deserve, I have a partner who likes to spend time with me in the nature, actually is eager to go into the nature no matter the time. I can afford everything at any time (I saw 222). I am free and I can afford anything I want.’

Second contrast: I experienced anger, contradicting, doubting,…’Everyone I talk to respects me and takes me serious, I take myself serious and respect myself and also others. I am calm and in peace. I know what is my and what not.’


  1. Synchronicity: 2211, 222, 2222 (from yesterday), 666, CV, 2299, 777 (luxury car), 444 (luxury car), 999, 222, 88888, 9911, 444, 444, 1111 (I saw seagull), 999, 111, 1414, 888, 222/222, 444, 999, 444, 777, 777, 333, 1551, 777, 999, 999, 555, 999, 222, CV, 1144, 333, 666, 111, 444, 9999, 444, 9999, 999, 333, 000, 99999, 0000, me and my class mate said same words at the same time
  2. Empathy, I again felt sister. This happened yesterday when I was already in bed, I set my phone to flying mode but when I sensed that she has sent me text message I turned the phone On and voilà, the message came and I saw 2244.
  3. Yesterday I saw myself standing on the terrace looking at the sea and the sunset. It was beautiful warm light, I was looking also on the bay where I had my sailing boat. Wow! And I saw a hand of my love, the hand had red colored nails. It was the Vortex experience.
  4. Morning relax
  5. Delicious breakfast
  6. Interview with potential institute for my internship. I received a compliment ‘You are special as your name.’
  7. White pigeon
  8. Of course I’ve seen my favourite brand of cars 9 times!
  9. I have new/old laptop mouse
  10. I’ve seen luxury car 5 times!
  11. Heart made of mud
  12. Seagull (1111)
  13. Flock of pigeons, one was white, they were flying beautifully
  14. Again white pigeon
  15. And again white pigeon
  16. Cat in my lap, nice, she was purring and enjoying and so was I
  17. Nice relaxing time at my partner place – peace and quiet
  18. Walk in the city center with my love during her break and before my exam
  19. I quickly answered all exam questions, professor even checked the hour when I handed her the exam, he he
  20. I’ve again seen blue jacket from previous posts
  21. Sun, so nice!
  22. The ray of light managed to penetrate the cloudy sky and it was just gorgeous – sky opened
  23. Funny raven
  24. Flock of birds
  25. Many ravens – wow, so magnificent!
  26. Gorgeous sky during night, I’ve never seen such colors before. It was dark turquoise blue in the midst of dark clouds
  27. Magnificent birch tree during night
  28. Walk alone in the park at night, it was so pretty (after my first strong contrast)
  29. Immediate apology
  30. Walk and talk and drink (natural orange juice) with my sister
  31. More organic growth of Blog. Thank you!
  32. Another empathy manifestation – I thought about my former co-worker (the one who hugged me first) and she sent me text message!

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Love of me and others makes the World a nicer place.
  • Keep loving, accepting, sharing, believing, trusting, be grateful.
  • Why be a copy when you can be original.

Today is 28th day of my storytelling process.

I wish you great manifestations – it’s your life and most important, it’s your thoughts!

Good night!



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