Day 49 (316 left) Law Of Attraction

Out of the Vortex can be sometimes really overwhelming. See how:

Yesterday evening contrast: ‘I want you to accept me.’ Hm, that is so not ok. We don’t need other people to accept us to feel accepted. We need to accept ourselves, that is all what is important. In the Vortex…I received another apology.

Morning contrast: I remembered a bitter taste of yesterday’s contrast. I had to listed Louise Hay to get myself back into positive flow (in connection to this I also remembered a talk about past childhood traumas experience. To sum up, I experienced a mix of contrast…more expansion and growth. Forgiveness! ‘I forgive myself and others.’

Third contrast: I experienced the feeling of offended ‘I let go offended feeling.’

Fourth contrast: Short period of a shock – fear about too high numbers of laboratory test. I did check with the doctor and all is well. ‘All is well.’

Fifth contrast: experience of immature response. ‘I am with the person who cares about my needs and respects them.’ … Furthermore… ‘Universe, I give it all up! I give up this relationship into my alignment, love, peace, harmony, acceptance, easy and comfortable. I am with the person who is connected with herself, who respects and appreciates herself and others.’ At that moment I saw 1551. ‘All my needs are ok.’



  1. Stronger connection and trust with sister
  2. Nice relaxing time
  3. Good breakfast
  4. Luxury car 9 times
  5. Immediate bus and favourite chair
  6. Synchronicity: 000, 777, 999, 333 (thinking I already have millions), 333, 333, 444, 555, CV, 888, 0044 (when I was thinking that all sisters are experiencing the same thing), 000, 1111, 888, 333, 1133, 5555, 777, 888, 555, 333, 222, 6666, 1144, 1331, 1414, 1441, 555, 333, 666, 1616, 222, 888, 999, 555, 222, CV, CV, 1717, 1551, 1919
  7. Sign Dreamshare
  8. Two pigeons overflew my head
  9. My favourite brand of the car, one had car plate Easy :), I’ve seen them 7 times, once there were three parked on the same parking space. One was beautiful, brand new, red color!
  10. Ok, that is somehow funny, I went to the lab to check my urine and I had to pee in my ex’s plastic cup since his company produces them
  11. At the lab I’ve met a dad from my classmate (best friend of that time) from primary school
  12. I bought vitamins, 25% off
  13. I’ve seen two people with severely damaged eye sight – How much do I/you appreciate what we have (our body…) and what we are?
  14. Bird singing

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Process – responsibility growth.
  • Life is a journey not a destination.
  • Learning quicker how to get benefit from the contrast and get back into Vortex makes life easier.

Today is 29th day of my storytelling process.

I wish you great manifestations.

Good night!


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