Day 51 (314 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi there! Peaceful day is behind me with three lakes, nice trip, good lunch in a restaurant, good rest, many ducks, swans and nice peaceful time with my partner. I appreciate and I am grateful!


Contrast: experienced clumsy feeling. Funny.

Second contrast: experience of strong empathy and sensing the foggy mind. Hm, sometimes it is quite difficult but…’Each time I find it easier and I know what to do when I am deeply emphatic.’

Third contrast: anger because deep empathy – feeling tiredness of others. Huh, ‘I feel great, I am connected with myself, I feel myself. I am full of energy.’

Fourth contrast: cat in bedroom. Ha ha…well…’All is well, Universe I give up, you know what I want.’


  1. Synchronicity: 1331, 1100, 555, 666, 1133, 999, 111, 777, 777, 1212, 222, 666, CV, 777, 444, 333, 9990007777 – sweet!, 666, 999, 555, 111, 555, 888, 1919, 2112,2112, 2222
  2. Good night sleep
  3. Good breakfast + Birds singing
  4. Buzzard bird overflew the car
  5. Trip: lake, sun, ducks, funny dog
  6. First snowdrops. Whoopee!
  7. Lunch at a nice restaurant overlooking beautiful lake with swans and ducks
  8. When we were saying ‘I am worthy.’ we received free doughnut for dessert
  9. My favourite brands of the car 9 times
  10. Luxury car 4 times
  11. Delicious bruschetta

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Relax, take it easy.

  • Deep knowing of everything is alright.

Today is 31tst day of my storytelling process.

Feelings of Vortex and in the Vortex may be with you! – Alignment!


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