Day 52 (313 left) Law Of Attraction

Nice relaxing time, I did my meditation and wrote the story in the morning, it was nice, lying on the couch, sun was shining and after a while I even had a cat in my lap purring and then snoring – funny 🙂 And I was in alignment when half a minute earlier before the alarm clock went off the cat jumped away. Wow! Our minds really communicated!


Contrast: I felt resentment (giving-not giving while being a millionaire). While being in this feeling the cat jumped on the place where my phone was and the phone felt on the floor. Huh!…anger. Yes, out of alignment and out of the Vortex experience. I needed to listen to Louise Hay four times to get back into the Vortex. If you monitor yourself and see what things are happening around you, you will know if you are in the Vortex/alignment or not. The Law of Attraction is doing a great job all the time, it’s just what vibration (thoughts, feelings) are we radiating.

Second contrast: when I was not in the Vortex technology did not work – phone, computer.


  1. Great sleep
  2. I made myself delicious bruschette, yummy!
  3. Beautiful sky, clouds, sun and a pigeon flying – it looked like a Holy Ghost
  4. Time for me, relax, easy
  5. Sun while being on the couch
  6. First thing when I saw when I came out of garage was Luxury car with template number 555!!! What about that!
  7. Synchronicity: 333, CV, CV , 1133, 666, 888, 1155, 222, 777, 1441, 222, 1717, CV, 555, 888
  8. We finished some paper work with sister
  9. I’ve met ex-friend
  10. Drink and talk with sister
  11. I’ve been at the place where they sell my favourite brand of the car, overall I’ve seen 12 of them! Nice!
  12. Luxury car 4 times
  13. Song – Anything you want – Roy Orbison – You Got It
  14. I’ve met ex-co-worker in the store
  15. Interesting call of a friend – operator by profession; told me that our roof was renovated and inner renovation is planned. Asking me also about dear friend (to use my empathy – medium abilities).
  16. Nice time with my partner
  17. I talked to boss about open vacancy. At first the job looked appealing but after some words I found out that they are experiencing high stress, long working hours and occasional verbal abuse. Hm…’I earn good money in a nice pleasing way that suits all my needs and wishes.’
  18. A friend who is on a half year trip in Asia wrote me, so nice she is doing great!
  19. More free time to do whatever I like! Whoopee!

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • My past asking is becoming reality – roof renovation done; and painter appointment for next week in process.

  • On Friday one manifestation came completely true and was marked with the contract. It’s regarding real estate. I did coach my partner how to manifest the sale and it started happening rapidly straight after we did the process. I said to myself that I will write a book on how to sell a house very fast when the sale is done, well, now I’ll start working on the book. Something new for me, but I am sure it will benefit many people.

Today is 32nd day of my storytelling process.

Manifest great life, things, events, …Now!



5 thoughts on “Day 52 (313 left) Law Of Attraction

  1. What do you mean when you write numbers after Synchronicity? And also, how do you know if you are in “The Vortex”? I’m practicing LOA right along with you as I’m not just a believer…I know it’s truth! I am having so much trouble just getting aligned…


    1. Hi Kelly, Thank you for your message. I am happy for you and your constant practice of LOA. By synchronicity I meant, things appear when you are in alignment for which you think have no connection, but actually do. This are signs from the Universe, numbers have been accompanying me for a very long time and each time it happened I just knew I was connected. Many times numbers meant Angel messages, since this are all beings from non physical and are experiencing our lives with us and wish us only the best. So, when I see these numbers that are similar three, four or more in a row I know that I am able to see the Universe’s signs. And when I am not in alignment, funny, the Universe tries to get me back into alignment very fast, also by numbers (if I notice them, by songs, by cat being very funny or playful, by some bird…), it’s just how I am receptive to it at that time and how much I notice them.
      At the beginning I also needed longer time to get in the Vortex and still happens that it blows me far away from it. That’s all alright. We experience things (we think they are good and other bad, but in real they all are just experiences) and it’s all just the journey of our lives. How you know you are aligned: you feel really good, all things are smooth, everything is happening for you (my example of free doughnut, free plane ticket to Madeira etc.), you feel happiness, everything makes sense, you feel calmness, you are at the right time at the right place, you meet nice people, you receive great ideas, you have a lot of energy, you are creative… You are not in alignment when you feel sadness (that is everywhere when I write contrast, which means you are expanding), anger, fear, resentment, jealousy, when you are too much in the mode of expectations against others (you expect someone to do something for you and it does not happen and you feel everything except alignment), in short – each time you do not feel good.
      I hope I answered your question.
      Have a great day and great manifestations!

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      1. Thank you for responding. Because of your blog, I will start documenting my synchronicities as best as I can during the day. It’s truly unbelievable how often they appear. I love testing the universe…seems to never let me down.


  2. Also, thank you for posting your experiences. It seems we both have been listening to Abraham- Hicks daily. I listen at work and at night. I went through a divorce and had to start over again. This time, I’m doing it right!


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