Day 53 (312 left) Law Of Attraction

I manifested many birds today, nice. I like birds, there are so many species. I had time to do many things for which I am grateful! I am also grateful for Blog evolving.


Contrast (yesterday): anger. ‘I have private time to practice singing and do things I like.’

Today’s first contrast: I was sleepy and slow in the morning, my partner was about to go to work and all lights were on, I smelled perfume. I didn’t like the scene since I was hardly looking and I felt I was not quite in the Vortex, but I had to wake up because of some documents to put on USB key. Well, no Vortex… I was hurt by doors. How I got back into Vortex…Cat helped me. Thank you Cat, again!

Second contrast: again anger. I felt anger of other person (strong empathy) regarding mobbing. ‘I let it go, it is not my.’

Third contrast: I spilled water – yes, I was thinking some out of Vortex thoughts. It was nothing major, I just wiped it.


  1. Good night sleep with exception – one contrast, I woke in the middle of the night coughing strongly
  2. Cat helped me get back in alignment
  3. Time for myself, relaxed and easy day
  4. Delicious breakfast
  5. Ray of sunlight through clouds
  6. Butterflies in my belly, chest and heart when I was reading my story out loud holding it very close to my face – like the energy of manifestations would pour over me. Wonderful! Try it!
  7. More organic growth of Blog – I am grateful!
  8. Synchronicity: 2002, 2323, 1919, 2121 (yesterday), 1010, 1111, 1122, 1122, 1144, 0000, YES (when thinking about millions), 88888, 111 (when I was thinking ‘I can buy anything I want’), 1414, 1441, 1551, 2020, 2121
  9. Three pigeons flying
  10. Nice winds/cloudy, day
  11. Nice birds singing
  12. Magpie
  13. Funny raven
  14. Nice energy of a tree
  15. Flock of little birds flying
  16. Sun on the Mountain
  17. Very beautiful bird ochre colour
  18. 2 Herons
  19. Ex-professor on a path
  20. Nice walk
  21. Snowdrops
  22. 2 turtle-dove
  23. Blue sky in midst of clouds
  24. Unknown person greeted me
  25. Raven overflown me
  26. Luxury car 3 times
  27. White pigeon
  28. Time to practice singing
  29. Delicious lunch/dinner
  30. Cat purring in my lap, funny, she likes to pet her

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • If you swim in a pool full of mud you will be muddy, if you look at the pool full of mud from a distance you will stay clean. You will be able to maintain good feeling thoughts, alignment and you will stay in the Vortex. Funny – but for a pig mud is being in the Vortex!
  • Sometimes we would like to help other person because we see how they suffer, but really the only way we can help them is by seeing them strong, how they know how to handle the situation… when we give them their own power. Start writing the story for them if you really want to help them. All other things (worrying, worrying and more worrying) won’t help, so stop it 🙂

Today is 33rd day of my storytelling process.

I wish you great manifestations!

Good night.


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